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  1. A true Golfer understands this question and others like it. Such as why did my draw to a tucked pin just slice to the next tee box? There are many questions like these that during a round. I hate golf I love golf
  2. Hello?? I can’t believe no one has mentioned The Adventures of Chas From Tas….
  3. Yeah, I know. Bean a reader/lurker for many years. Shit shows and shit fights are the specialty of the house
  4. try this in the winter. I use pork ribs instead of ham hocks. Got the recipe from a fine old’ Cape Verde Gail in Fahaven… MUNCHUPA 1 ½ cups yellow samp (see note below) ½ cup dried kidney beans Wrap your hands around these wheel-thrown stoneware mugs from Lucy Fagella. Provided by Local Pottery, Norwell. ½ cup dried cannellini beans 8 cups beef stock 10 cups water 2 large smoked ham hocks 2 tablespoons olive oil 1 onion, diced ½ pound linguica, diced ½ pound chourico, diced 4-5 large st
  5. You are free to vote with your eyes. You can certainly go to other sailing web sites that don’t offend your estrogen influenced sensibilities
  6. SA would cease to exist without misogyny and all other forms of socially unacceptable views and behavior. Micro aggressions are an art form here.
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