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  1. I recommend Elon Musk's biography if you haven't had a chance to read it. SpaceX was a crazy idea. They often bought stuff off the shelf rather than using time tested (and expensive) components. They've had some spectacular failures, but also some astounding successes. I'm not comparing myself to Musk, but I strongly disagree that that all crazy ideas are stupid. There'd not be much in the way of innovation if everyone felt that way.
  2. *sigh* The harassment continues. The price one pays for being a visionary. Galileo was seen as a heretic too. Years from now when biocides are illegal and I'm long gone, people will be painting their bottoms with pool paint and wondering why anyone ever paid a small fortune for VC Performance Epoxy when it only came in one damn color.
  3. I've already got the 2000e and a bit of VCPE on order. If the rain stays away for enough days, the 2000e will done by next weekend. The only question is whether to try pool paint at all. I'm still curious if it would work well but I doubt I'd paint over the VCPE even if it did. But I would love to come back here after a couple of years and tell everyone how great it worked.
  4. Yes, I agree. The thread has long since moved away from productive discussion. But in my defense I think the insults started flying before my 72 hour grace period was up. I could have just left but I'm not one to turn tail. And I have managed to learn some things in the last few days. Plus I have to think the thread has served as some form of mild entertainment for others, because people keep posting.
  5. Well they don't sell toothbrushes at Home Depot as far as I know so I don't really see the point of going there. But it's still a little cold out for painting and the buoy field isn't going to be set until May so I've got time.
  6. My racing experience is pretty limited, but your explanation of what was happening at the moment the shutter was pressed makes sense. I don't doubt that anyone who is racing a boat like that knows what they're doing. Owner of North Sails? He'd cringe at the shape of the sails in any picture of my boat.
  7. Possibly it was discontinued. Either way, it's a great picture.
  8. That looks really nice and I would definitely prefer some shade of grey, but I thought VCPE only came in white? That's all I can find anyway. I'm not an expert on sail trim by any means but does that main need more Cunningham/downhaul?
  9. Tell him he's anal, OCD, cheap, and annoying. Those are the kinds of logical arguments that always win me over
  10. Agree 100% and I'll accept that we might not see eye to eye on how much is in each column.
  11. I'm pretty close to deciding, yes. I really didn't know what I wanted to do when I posted the question, which is why I was asking. As for the "fuck off newbie", attitude, well I don't know how much of that is me, or how much of that is just part of the culture here, but either way it's too bad.
  12. I know, outrageous right? Wanting a paint that comes in more than one color... In my experience when you put something bright white next to something that's kinda white, the kinda white part ends up looking dingy. Separated by a bootstripe it might be just fine. We'll see. But I'd hardly be the only one that would pick a different color than white for the bottom of their boat if there were other good options. Is it really so hard to see or acknowledge that a single choice of color is an actual downside? I'm not saying that it isn't a great paint for it's intended purpose. But it's s
  13. Yes, after after at least the 2nd question about immersion time in one morning, it sounds like he was a little unhappy about it appearing on the datasheet at all which is maybe why I got the answer I got. As far as tinting goes, no real surprise: I guess if you're selling hull paint to people that race and it's only practical to make it in one color, white is the most sensible color to choose.
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