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  1. Yup, and those farmlands are drenched daily with fresh human excrement and other interesting items. If there has been a vast improvement in the past 20 years, all I can say is you are going to need another 20 to get it anywhere close to where it should be. The problem doesn't start and end with the farmer. It continues all the way until it hits the plate. How about the pork farmers? A year does not go by without huge crops of of hogs catching some funky disease. Then the the farmers kill them and where do they go? They are bulldozed right into the rivers (read water supply)
  2. I think you must be confusing me with someone else. Show me the post. And while you are at it, show me where I posted 5 minutes later. It is nice to see you are defending these people. I bet you have already forwarded retainers to each of them to DocuSign. Pretty pathetic when an "attorney" that's also a moderator accuses someone of mental illness and spousal abuse as a lame attempt to defend the indefensible. How does that square up with the bar association, and peer reviews?
  3. Actually, once. What is battered spouse disease? Does one catch it like covid or measles? If you are so concerned about my mental and physical state and the impact it is having on the membership, simply pull a Twitter or Facebook. Go ahead. Just do it or shut up already. You do not need to a degree in ambulance chasing to effect the change.
  4. Yup. Have never seen a Panda Express over there and doubt I will. And you will never see a fortune cookie or Orange or General Tso chicken either. But damn, there is nothing like a whole pig roast in Hong Kong or the massive Beijing (Peking) Duck restaurants in Beijing. Both are epic and and not to be missed. Especially, the pageant and ceremony surrounding eating one of those ducks.
  5. Clean- Re-read my quote. Not exactly black or white. As a moderator, it appears there is no concern for what we have been witnessing. These guys lie, deflect and attack at will. And now we have a fourth. And all claiming to be ex-pats. And I continue to challenge their assertions with direct evidence to the contrary and they simply move on to something else. No one here may give a rats ass on a stick. And that's fine. Isn't the following part of SA's mission statement? "If you’re looking to have your comments edited or ignored at the whim of a curmudgeon, the
  6. Hi IP- The food chain there is toxic from the farm to the plate. The stores in the large cities are pretty much the same as here with a couple of exceptions like computers. Buying one there (non apple) is truly an experience. They are sold in "computer malls" and most have no OS. That is an industry all by itself. Once you lug the machine home, a kid will knock on your door and 15 minutes later it has been installed with bootleg discs. Hand him $10 and the deal is done. As stated, I have no problems with the people. It also is a beautiful place. I just gave up try
  7. Ha, no. Just my fat fingers typing too fast.
  8. I provided the thread with a youtube video of a Walmart. I chose this one because it was made by someone that is Chinese! You choose, there are ton of them to watch. Other than that, I can barely understand what you are attempting to say. One does not need two accounts with the same name. You both use the same account. Even this post is a little suspect. The tone and writing style jump all over the place. And then in the middle you begin this bizarre rant on Trump. I am curious though. I am pretty current on domestic and world news. What is supposed to happen in two weeks?
  9. I am sure some would consider it a privilege and others, not so much. Most of my wife's family are in academia. None of them are party members to my knowledge. I know her mother sure isn't. She has been arrested multiple times and thrown in prison for voicing her beliefs. She was a professor and was on the ground during the summer of 1984. My wife was a young girl at the time. She was with her mother during one of the arrests. They separated the two and both were tossed in slammer.
  10. She loves China, it's people and history. The government, not so much. Professors in the top Chinese universities are expected to become a party member at a certain point in their career. Most just swallow that pill and move on. She refused and it created a lot of problems for her.
  11. Enlighten us. You live there. My wife is from Wuhan. The folks in that city are certainly in agreement where it came from. Granted, they will never say it publicly.
  12. How much did they take you for? Even a vivid imagination can't make this shit up. No Holiday Inn for me: Hong Kong: Peninsula Beijing: Beijing Hilton Shanghai: W-Shanghai-Bund My wife's family doesn't need my money. They very well may have more than I. My wife had no interest in moving to the states, nor does she want U.S. citizenship. She has been here for six years and simply has a green card.
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