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  1. Thank you very much ! Will spend long enough time haha ! But its worth it.
  2. Yes, we used that the other time and its a bit white and looks a bit off, haha. Thanks for the tips, I hope I can make a good color which doesent stand that much out and make the perfect shape! Will work on it a bit
  3. Yes thats the best way I think, too! But you gotta be really careful and patient to get that hull right, like that bend but I think that wont be that hard, right? :O We can make the gelcoat but how can we match the color the best way? Our gel is a bit too white always, you know just for the look! Or if anyone have done a work like this if you guys have any advice about applying the gelcoat to the hull to do not brake the bend, or matching the colour I would be really really helpful! Also i will give everyone + )if I find it out how to), because im really thankful to
  4. Yes, thank you very much the only problem is if that the hull damaged like in depth so that line is a little bit broke because the damage caused by metal so it was pretty harsh on it sadly.. i can remove scratches with wetsand paper, thanks for that! but if I dont use ++ gel to get the default shape or the default hull, will it affect the boat speed or speeding up or things like that? (THIS ISNT MY BOAT, ITS A GOOGLE IMAGE) im speaking about this line here, it doesent continue that "downhill", it does have that damage shown in the picture which brakes that line for that 10cm.
  5. Yes, okay thanks for the help i will get a new picture in a week when i will have practice!
  6. I will try those, thank you very much guys for helping!
  7. Hi guys! This is a 29er hull as you can tell and the trolley got its surface well-well damaged sadly while going to the water.. luckily its only the gel but the question : what to do with this? how does it affect the boat speed? much much thanks guys.. !
  8. Hi ! Im sailing a 29er right now and wondering if anyone have any good upgrade, rigging tips, and etc (besides the defaults) like some extras.. for example: These are some useful extras, wondering if anyone has something even crazier idea to upgrade my 29er ! Thanks !
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