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  1. New BBN Marine Linux OS for Raspberry Pi 2022-04-27-Release-Stable Now with OpenCPN 5.6.2 and latest HomeAssistant including energy dashboard. Based on Buster Changes: Fixed and updated HomeAssistant HomeAssistant now includes Energy Dashboard Avnav update Download at https://cloudsmith.io/~bbn-projects/repos/bbn-repo/packages/?q=lysmarine Getting Started Guide: https://bareboat-necessities.github.io/my-bareboat/bareboat-os.html Comparison matrix vs OpenPlotter: https://bareboat-necessities.github.io/my-bareboat/bareboat-necessities-vs-
  2. New release is available BBN Marine Linux OS for Raspberry Pi 2022-03-13-Release-Stable Long Term Support Release 12. Based on Buster Changes: Nativefier fixes (Browser not up to date warnings fixes) AvNav updates RPI firmware updates Few stability fixes Doc updates Download at https://cloudsmith.io/~bbn-projects/repos/bbn-repo/packages/?q=lysmarine Getting Started Guide: https://bareboat-necessities.github.io/my-bareboat/bareboat-os.html
  3. You do not need pi or multi-user OS (as linux) in your case. You just need ESP32 MCU controller with sensors connected to it and a little bit of programming it. Google for ESP32 and NMEA on it. There are plenty of projects with open source code. One of them is SenESP.
  4. BBN Marine Linux OS for Raspberry Pi 2022-02-10-Release-Stable is available for downloads Long Term Support Release 10. Based on Buster Changes: Added solarthing Added maiana AIS support via add-ons Added OpenCPN config for higher resolution monitors Fixes for log OpenCPN plugin PyPilot updates Mopidy youtube updates Updates to SignalK RPI firmware updates Doc updates Download at https://cloudsmith.io/~bbn-projects/repos/bbn-repo/packages/?q=lysmarine Getting Started Guide: https://bareboat-necessities.github.io/
  5. https://m.alibaba.com/product/1600261256833/Touchthink-outdoor-sunlight-monitor-10-4.html Touchthink monitor on Alibaba looks promising. You can order it customized in 1000 nits.
  6. New release 2022-01-04 of Open-source Bareboat Necessities Marine OS for Raspberry Pi is available for downloads now. It still includes OpenCPN 5.2.4 because OpenCPN 5.6.0 still doesn’t have all plugins available. You can upgrade to OpenCPN to 5.6.0 easily with apt install and update all plugins via OCPN plugin manager. Release notes for this BBN release and links to Getting Started Guide and download locations: https://github.com/bareboat-necessities/lysmarine_gen/releases/tag/v2022-01-04 Thanks
  7. eMMC is still slower than SSD which you can have with Raspberry. Or you can have industrial raspberry with CM4 and eMMC. Multi-touch (pinch zoom) works with BBN OS too (including in OpenCPN). You can also connect Android tablet to it and fully control it from Raspberry pi screen with touch using scrcpy which is included in BBN OS. Android does have many good paid applications. With raspberry you have more options to connect sensors and pick interfaces for your needs. Unix is more open for scripting and automating things.
  8. A new stable BBN Marine Linux OS release v2021-12-01 is available for downloads. https://github.com/bareboat-necessities/lysmarine_gen/releases/tag/v2021-12-01 Fixes some long standing Bluetooth issues.
  9. I use Argonaut M7 on my boat https://www.argonautcomputer.com/products/m7-smart-touch-monitor installed inside a sailpod. Computer is installed below deck. There are many links for hardware options inside Getting Started Guide (Supported Hardware chapter)
  10. A diagram which illustrates what can you do with your boat systems using raspberry pi with BBN OS. There are way more (and cost effective) options than by just using commercial marine electronics. The more features you pick, the more benefits you are getting from using a raspberry pi. Especially if you are live-aboard type of user.
  11. If you want OpenCPN to work with touchscreen on raspberry pi then there is only one option: Bareboat Necessities Marine Linux OS. Do you know any other alternatives for it? Thx
  12. The fastest way at the moment to download BBN OS release is via script from release notes here: https://github.com/bareboat-necessities/lysmarine_gen/releases/tag/v2021-11-15 Thanks
  13. Let me know of any issues with BBN OS. I'll look at fixing them. Thanks
  14. There is no need to install OpenCPN or do anything with OpenGL settings in BBN OS. They are already preinstalled and pre-configured. As well as it has working (including in OpenCPN) pinch zoom on a touchscreen and right click is emulated by long touch. With openplotter or trying to do it yourself you will have many obstacles making it right. Openplotter is nearly unusable without mouse.
  15. New release 2021-11-15 is available for downloads. More details here: https://github.com/bareboat-necessities/lysmarine_gen/releases/tag/v2021-11-15 Cheers
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