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  1. I'm not really sure where you are coming from or where exactly you are going.... The area has historically been nomadic with concentrated civilizations the imposition of the arbitrary borders was pretty disruptive. Israel although a Jewish state is governed in the Knesset which has very diverse populations with religious and cultural differences. Each group has some amount of voice. It is a coalition government meaning that many voices must unite to elect a leader. I have been very disappointed in the majority voice for about 15-20 years... The universities and schools are just
  2. I'm just saying their approach was naive. I guess it is the same ham-fisted approach we all expect from empires. They insist on showing local cultures how to be more useful.
  3. I think the Middle East's position was that they were doing just fine and didn't need a job done on them. Since the job was done they have been trying to re-organize but outsiders keep making new arbitrary borders.
  4. I prefer them to using toilet paper with my hand... They have pinpoint accuracy and can be adjusted to just the right spot using a control or simply adjusting one's posture. Once done there is an air dryer, toilet paper could be used or nothing done. The dampness wouldn't be unfamiliar to sweating and I don't notice it a few seconds after of standing up. I have toto washlet that is plugged in and has it's own water heater.
  5. I had to go to Israel in November for a few weeks. The documentation to get into the country was extensive and dynamically changing. I needed five attempts to get all my documentation and airline tickets to line up. Once there everyone outside and in private groups was unmasked and inside public spaces masked. While I was there were Israel had ~1,200 cases out of 11 millionish people. My whole point is for Israel to experience record deaths might not be that dramatic. I should also add that they recently started a 4th vaccination population wide.
  6. He was mentored by Roy Cohn. https://www.politico.com/magazine/story/2019/09/19/roy-cohn-donald-trump-documentary-228144/ As far as I can tell.
  7. They are reasons but they haven't held back other aspects. I fell back into the the 36 page thread on boatdesign.net. Rather then post that I thought I would post a cool boat referenced in that thread. It has a home made hydraulic centerboard... https://www.katamaran-shambala.de/details.htm
  8. If you will indulge a follow-up question. Why don't more/any catamarans have a dagger board in the center? I think I once read of an attempt in the 70s maybe in Australia. I think I have heard cavitation and structural load as the reasons to avoid it.
  9. Can you describe the use of the single daggerboard? I would think it's in the center but the only pictures I have seen looked like it might be in a single hull. Thanks, Ben
  10. Lightening protection is hard but some say is possible. A simple strategy that might work and isn't much more work than doing nothing... is to try to keep the charge on the surface of the vessel and to the water as directly as possible. Connecting the mast foot/base to conductors running along the surface ending just above the waterline would be the least that could be done in my opinion. The idea is that electric charges from above and below have a simple non destructive path. There is also a notion that if the whole boat was equally conductive it will natural balance the charges fr
  11. Get insulation with a reflective foil side and point it to the sun. It will redirect the sun's radiant heat away to a certain extent.
  12. You need to dock in shallower water.
  13. D.D. Eisenhower was beyond my lifetime but I believe he was the last rational republican. Can anybody set me straight on that or was he actually good? When I hear my realatives mourn the loss of their party I think that is who they are mourning...
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