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  1. Nobody notices that the two guys are staring at each other while the Twin Peaks waitress delivers the food
  2. It will be cool to see who the teams hire as their cyclists. I have to admit that I only follow the Tour de France so my knowledge of cyclists are limited only to those that forfeit the yellow jersey
  3. Jon gets fired from US Sailing for allegations of harassment or sexual misconduct with female employees and quickly lands a deal with "TrainingPeaks". I wonder if he was hoping the deal was with Twin Peaks Restaurants.
  4. Maybe he isn't permitted to speak on behalf of AM. TH's ego could be hurt if someone else speaks
  5. Nah... original BCN group couldn't secure the funding and died off, the second BCN group, which surfaced when Malaga was rounding third base came in late and got selected because Malaga couldn't be ready until 2025 and Jeddah had the rocket attacks which finally opened GD's eyes for a brief moment to tell himself that being there for a year probably isn't a good idea. There was no hiding of the venue - it was out there in the news the entire time. Having said that - it sounds like there is a shit fight going on between Base Landowners, ACE and Alinghi regarding some of the bases.
  6. I honestly have no idea where the media center and other organization buildings are going.
  7. Your far right yellow is not in the correct spot. It is to the left on that piece of land that shoots out from the city - apparently it is currently a big parking lot. Currently there are only six bases - TNZ, Ineos, Alinghi, LR, AM & the French. The middle yellow line does not exist as a base option.
  8. Alinghi is hoping to begin sailing in mid-July in Barcelona however the likelihood of the base they want to actually be ready is challenging.
  9. Ineos wasn't competitive against Slingsby in the finals when the starts are not all clogged up. ABNZ needs to be light years ahead. Burling is getting exposed in SailGP
  10. Slingsby's strength this weekend puts even more pressure on the AM Design Team. It doesn't have to be perfect, but it has to be close.
  11. I think we should be going back to horse & buggy for ground transportation.
  12. Honestly I think they are late to the game even if the the plans are to buy a design package from TNZ. They won't receive AC40's until maybe March or April 2023. I know a couple people with short-term contracts with the Team and right now it is complete chaos over there. They are running on a shoestring budget.
  13. No team is taking VIP guests onto those boats. There is no room - who wants to sit inside a taxi cab while trying to watch a race.
  14. I have heard that they are trying to buy someone's AC Boat 1. I think the only one available though is Luna Rosa's boat 1. I don't believe Ineos' or American Magic's Boat 1s exist. I believe both were chopped up and sent to the landfill.
  15. He will probably last a long time on a Team run by Thutch. They clearly don't hold people accountable for performance
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