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    Sailing has been my dream for as long I can remember. Currently an ultrarunner, backpacker, ice and rock climber. Technical diving been my hobby for little more than a decade before I got bored doing it... I love reading, learning about everything !!
  1. Can the companionway hatch on a Corsair F28 or F31 can withstand boarding seas in the cockpit or it isnt water tight at all ?
  2. Hey !! Thanks SeaGul, I was looking for that article but coulnt find it :-p
  3. I have no issues fidding with stuff and doing mecanic on my boat nor I have any problem putting 5k every year on it. The issue I found with monohull is givin' 5k to the marina every year. I call that throwin money out the window. That, I have issue with ! I studied mechanic when I was young and been doing carpentry for years. Working with my hands is no problem. Ive never worked on boats but Im the one who think everything can be learn if you put time and effort and you surround yourself with good people that are willing to share
  4. If Im not mistaken, Borge Ousland did sail an F31 in the Arctic and probably did it. It's something I would love to do one day but I'm not sure I would like to hit chunks of ice with a trimaran...
  5. I've read we can load about 1/3 of the boat weight without any problem. Does it make sence to you ? I'm obvisouly considering going with freeze dried food only to minimise the weight. I also think water maker is a must since I dont want to carry 21 days of water weight. As for the term Racing, I dont know if its the word use for ocean passage but I do not intend to push the boat in any way or beat a record. I just want to do it ! Of course, I will have to do it gradually and will wait a couple years at least to get to know the boat. The gulf of St-Lawrence is a good playground I thi
  6. Hello sailors !! I'm fairly new to sailing and especially to multihull so be kind in your answer and critics please. And bare with my french canadian english loll I'm looking foward to buy my first sailboat and because of where I live(not on or close to a coast) I found out that trailerable trimaran might be my best bet. Im not looking for a roomy boat. My wife and I are, backpacker, ultrarunner, so we are use to deal with the bare minimum. I am though looking for a boat able to take 15-20ft waves. The St. Lawrence can be bitter sometimes. Im just wondering if a f28 or f31 can make i
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