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  1. This is the link for the ad we have previously posted: https://www.unclehenrys.com/classified/4799756/classified?back=%2Fsearch%2Fall%3Fsr%3D84073259%234799756 We obviously have many more pictures we can provide. Thank you all again.
  2. We appreciate everyone’s input. Navigating these waters has proven to be much more complicated than we would have imagined and your insight and thoughts are invaluable. Russell, we had advertised the boat locally and made a number of calls to local yards, brokers, etc. The response has been, as has been suggested in this thread, the boat is unique, particularly for the New England market. This is no doubt why my father was so enamored with it. We are certainly not opposed to purchasing advertising. If anyone has suggestions as to where they think an ad is likely to reach what we know
  3. Firstly, let me apologize for any missteps in forum protocol, or disruption, this thread may have caused. Yes, I am new to this forum. I inherited this proa when my father passed away suddenly a few years ago. Like most of you, I'm sure, he spent his entire life working hard while building boats on the side so he could follow that pull to the water. He was able to turn that passion into some long hours and back-breaking work as a staple in the local harbor here in Maine (I'd say Google him - you'd get some great stories - but trolls will be trolls), just to be out there. Every year was the yea
  4. I have an original custom design HarryProa available. Not plans, but a kit of sorts. All parts and pieces shipped from Australia to be put together here. Custom boat designed for my father to use in his sailing school and harbor cruise business in Maine. Pictures and info available if you are interested. Many years of blood, sweat and tears went into this custom design that never got completed and able see it's full potential. Would be a good project! Worth a look.
  5. Original Harry Proa design, 40' multi-hull. Day cruiser with small sleeping cabin. Custom designed for a local sailing school. Kit. Never fully put together and painted. Good condition. Some work required. Would make a great beginner project, as all pieces are available. Mast, sails and boat trailer included. Buyer must pay, and arrange for, shipping from Maine, USA. $6,000 Photos available upon request. Contact: Rockcoast88@gmail.com
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