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  1. We posted a negative mention on the Trident Facebook page. Rather than post a response with an acknowledgment of the situation or a reasonable acceptance of responsibility for the delays, he simply removed our post. No honest business would do that. In fact, the only posts you see on the Facebook page are posts by his other “enterprise,” his Old Harbor captaining service. Which he doesn’t bother to mention is his business. A true con man.
  2. The jury definitely is in. He’s a total fraud.
  3. I told Chris Upton today that I was beginning to suspect he’s a fraud. I’m now more convinced.
  4. Has anyone else had a bad experience with Trident Studios, ostensibly a maker of half hull models? I ordered a half hull model of my Tartan 10 in November, and was told to expect delivery in January. When it hadn’t arrived by early February I inquired and was told there had been a problem with the mold and COVID related delays, but that I could expect to receive it in April. When I reached Chris Upton of Trident Studios today he said there had been yet another problem with the mold and that he was not in a position to give me a date by when it would be completed. So I am apparently no clos
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