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  1. Dead guy advanced on gun guy and threatened to take it and kill him with it, then tried to. Sucks the gun came out in the first place, but maybe gun guy knew something about dead guy we don't. Looks like self defense to me.
  2. That's nothin, when my older brother was 16 he bought an old Jaguar, you could see the road between the firewall and the front seat.
  3. Why? Behold the Boeing Jet-Powered Outhouse That Runs a 31-Second Quarter-Mile You've heard of a supercar, now meet the poopercar. https://www.thedrive.com/news/43240/behold-the-boeing-jet-powered-outhouse-that-runs-a-31-second-quarter-mile
  4. What's it matter, he's rushing to go aground in several seconds anyway.
  5. I heard plans of moving it to Anacortes but that was pre covid
  6. What's Kenosha have to do with it. The perp was jailed in Milwaukee county by a democrat DA where Biden took 2020 by over twice the vote.
  7. OK, you win, let's just move on to the next page.
  8. All that fancy electronical shit.. And a $15 Lev-O-Gage to tell you how close you are to tipping over. Excellent
  9. Same wheel as the front, look behind the plastic.
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