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  1. Oh, thank God! I thought it had to do with sniffing butts.
  2. Try Chuck Skewes at Ullman San Diego But as I recall, it's really just shifting down to the jib when the rail's 3 or 4 inches underwater
  3. I'm not a very good drinker Of course.
  4. It sounds like the old owner glazed the cones and went with the shade tree fix of adding atf to clean them up. Watching the cockpit vid it seems to make the most noise under acceleration load then tapers back as the boat comes up to speed. Check the shift linkage for full throw and try the stethoscope there. Might also be gear backlash if you have a shaft bearing going out, where the atf would be bad. Oh, and these soft bowls work great around the bilge to catch oil.
  5. If you mix gin and tonic with milk of magnesia You get a phillips screwdriver
  6. Now if you could just bring back Hobots random pic thread.. All would be right in the world.
  7. Here's a Barient 25 breakdown
  9. If you're clocking the heads on socket head cap screws you're way into OCD territory already.
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