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  1. You can apply a square of vhb tape to the adhesive tape on the wire tie mounts. Sticks well to both mount and fiberglass.
  2. On my old Dash 34 I added jumpers to go to a masthead kite. They were almost as long as the upper spreaders and were swept forward, I think 7°. Ran 3/16" wire from head down to upper spreader root. I had Spartech build them and Alan and Dick were both confident that they would help forestay tension up to about 10/12 knots, which when adjusted loose, still allowed the main to unload the top in the puffs, it worked well. Fractional spinnakers are stupid
  3. Bill Buchan was 49 when he won the 84 Olympics gold medal in a Star
  4. Ugh! Looks like someone was practicing frosting a cake.
  5. I've worked on winches with that issue, usually under a dodger where they get a lot of ratcheting back and forth where it's hard to go all the way around with the winch handle.
  6. If need be, rather than drill and sleeve it might be better to braze a little material on and re-machine the slot for the pawl.
  7. Come on, some of you guys haulout once, sometimes twice a day
  8. A 2 foot drop waterslide isn't enough fun for little bubba and bubbette.
  9. There were some mushrooms, an MC Escher book, a bet and a toolbox... That's all he remembers.
  10. Well, that guy in the back has a lot of push-ups in his future.
  11. Have you looked at Astoria weather. And it's not a nice warm rain either. Period of Record : 04/01/1892 to 02/29/1960 Jan Annual Average Max. Temperature (F) 46.3 58.4 Average Min. Temperature (F) 35.7 44.5 Average Total Precipitation (in.) 11.81 79.80 Average Total SnowFall (in.) 3.0 5.1
  12. "Needs a bath" Forget it then, that sounds like too much work.
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