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  1. From US Sailing: "In order to keep you as up to date as possible regarding Doublehanded Mixed Offshore racing at the Paris 2024 Games, we want to share some unofficial news. World Sailing has been working to respond to the queries the International Olympic Committee (IOC) raised in December 2020 about the event. While World Sailing has answered all questions to the IOC’s satisfaction, World Sailing notified us today that it is highly unlikely that the event will be approved for Paris 2024, highlighting challenges in field of play security and scope in addition to broadcast cost and comple
  2. No, not for being stupid but for her brazen, violent and forceful attempt to enter a federal building that was being defended by officers to stop the legitimate certification of votes and overthrow our democracy.
  3. Check out OrionJr2 BMS. Been out for a long time. USA based, great support, lots of features and options.
  4. 6HP way more than enough as pointed out. I'd look at the new Suzuki 6HP which is like 5lbs less than the Tohatsu.
  5. I knew he was lying when he said he had friends.
  6. The compact looked good to replace the Harken 40 but they don't make "small" winch to replace the Harken 16 and they are $$$$.
  7. Offshore sportboat. Has 2x cabin top Harken #16 Two-speeds and a pair of #40 Quattros..... all non-self tailing. I'm redoing the deck and they are 25 years old so I think it's time to replace them. The 16s have never given any problems and seem to be in good serviceable shape. The Quattros required a new sleeves be pressed in years back for the two spring loaded pawls. They have been working well but require much more frequently cleaning to keep the pawls from sticking now and again. So the new winches should likely be self-tailing. It will speed up some maneuvers short
  8. Lithionics now also has bluetooth in their BMS.
  9. Again having just gone through this.... you can't send it to Victron direct. You have to go through your reseller/distributor for tech support and warranty claims.
  10. HAHAHAHAHAA........ I've installed a lot of Victron gear. Very nice products but the support is no longer as good as the products. You cannot, I repeat CANNOT contact Victron in any way direct with tech support questions anymore. You have to go through your "reseller". Most resellers/distributors don't and can't provide tech support. Very bad company policy. It took me 3x weeks to get a DC-DC that failed after a year.
  11. For an empty boat or for a boat full of sails and gear..... cause I doubt many are going to be the same. I'd simply weight the tongue.
  12. You are a fucking loon. Hospitals didn't get overwhelmed? Where do you get your mis-information.....?
  13. Weird.... at least there is not a whole lot of difference in course length, 1nm.
  14. Now separate courses for Singlehanded and Doublehanded.
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