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  1. I can see why not having boats moving around could make things worse... Add to that a bulb keel and there's just nowhere for the weeds to go once they're attached. Arg.
  2. Oh, the sailing part was awesome! The not sailing part a bit less "Let's try to clear the weeds by turning the motor on and going backwards." Prop spun for a couple of seconds before bogging down... I bet part of being slow later after most weeds cleared was that the prop couldn't fold up again. Well, whatever. All good!
  3. We had a pretty poor showing in the overnight race this last weekend. We were stuck within 1/2 mile of the windward mark for around 2 1/2 hours in our Columbia 30 Sport Sailor. We were mired in weeds. Normally you just use the kelp cutter, right? Well, that's great and cute and all but it only cuts the weeds within 3" of the keel! We had a ball of weeds as wide as the boat following us around at one point. In 8kts of breeze we were making barely .5 kt and could only do that with the tiller hard over (otherwise the boat would immediately head to leeward). As it was the
  4. The manual pages! I think they’re out of order but you can hopefully figure it out :) We haven’t really taken advantage of our new giant A2… That needs specific winds! We still managed to take line a couple of times yesterday…
  5. The truck still goes into the water - you need a lot of length to launch from a trailer! We have the hinged mast plate but have not successfully raised using it and haven't tried lowering. The three times we've transported the boat we've had the base of the mast forward as shown. Most of the weight and strength of the mast is down low so we've had that in the bow pulpit while trailering - it is more solid and less likely to move than our crutch is.
  6. We remove the lower spreaders and leave the uppers. We face them downwards. The uppers are small enough to be inside the lifelines but the lowers would rest on them. We remove the standing rigging. Since the lower spreaders come off anyway half of the job is already done. You will need a crutch for the mast at the aft of the boat and depending on the height of that another cushion on the companionway hatch as the mast will/should rest at least some there. We have an additional taller crutch that we put under the mast on the foredeck when we have our boat parked for the winter. T
  7. As far as I can tell the lowers are way too short to be used. The stabilization that I lacked was side-to-side. I believe halyards have too much stretch to be useful for this. At least, we had too much side-to-side!
  8. I can copy that page from the manual for you but probably won't have that until next week. Je peux aussi aider un peu en Francais mais malheureusement je ne connais pas le vocabulaire du bateau! Nous avons essaye de monter notre mat avec le "tabernacle" mais nous avons echoue... D'apres ce que je comprends il faut enlever tous les shrouds et utiliser des halyards avec blocks dans les chainplates. Ha ha. J'echoue en franglais egalement Quand est-ce que vous allez faire le manœuvre? IIRC the manual says... Use halyards to blocks in the chainplates as temporary shrouds while go
  9. Our chainplates are aft of the mast tabernacle and that hinges forwards. When our mast is down we do not have enough slack to attach the shrouds. This would cause problems trying to drop the mast as well - something (shrouds) would end up way too tight. Our manual says to use halyards as shrouds and to adjust lengths frequently. This must apply more when going up than down but still… Although, like you say, there’s a lot of variation.
  10. Is that more like what you think the backstays should look like? Or, can you post some pix of what you think they should look like?
  11. It was pretty close to 16 gusting 27. We were OK with the A5 up but it's not a super comfortable boat to race in wind and we didn't do very well this week. Ah well - we'll get to pull out our new secret weapon some other day!
  12. We do still have the 800sf A2 and our crew has been together for over 8 years… But we have crewed together over 8 years on displacement boats mostly and more of that has been with a pole than an asym. Our cert (and that of the J!) is at 87. We get 12 points for the 3/4 rig. Well, hey, ok. Thanks for the bonus! We got the bigger sail for downwind because they beat us a few times on light days. And, well, the sail was already manufactured for the PO and had been sitting on a shelf for over 14 months... Sitting on a shelf with our sail number on it and all. So “ordering a sail”
  13. I'll let the helm know that I'm paying attention to other things most of the time. Hell, I didn't even know that we had a collision last week! We might not get to fly our secret weapon this week - race time is looking like 16 gusting 27 right now. Sounds more like A5 (or baby A5) weather to me...
  14. They are flying a freaking giant asym most of the time. When it turns out to be a reach and we pop the Code 0 we do very well against that. But on a run they're just a little faster and just a little deeper... We share a rating in the fleet and last week they crossed 2 seconds ahead of us in 1h18 race... It's fun to race against folks with the same rating and to know exactly how you're doing against them! And it will be more fun when we cross 30s ahead of them!
  15. It is functional... It just takes more effort than I think it should! Anyway... Our new secret weapon showed up today... This is the 1000sf A2 that will be our light air. Replaces our 800sf. Now... We did read through the comments in the thread talking about the relative merits of each size... And we find that on light-air days a J/100 can sail a tiny bit deeper than we can with our old A2. And that difference has been enough to have them beating us. Well... We should be able to sail a tiny bit deeper with this. Maybe!
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