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  1. I'm wondering if anyone can share experiences with the First 27 (non SE, though I suspect it is similar) in winds like the San Francisco Bay area? I'm curious about the need to reef, amount of heel, and how wet it gets. I'm wondering if the boat is tame enough for my wife to enjoy and host 2 people (4 total on the boat) for daysailing. Thank you for any input!
  2. Thank you, Black Jack. I will add this to the list! We are slowly narrowing in a bit and have been drawn to the Elan e3 and Azuree 33. The Azuree looks to be slightly to beamy for the slip we are waiting for at 12 feet though. Any impressions of the E3 would be appreciated. And the same for any comps for the Azuree where the beam is less than 11 ft 3 Inches.
  3. In case this is helpful to anyone else, I started compiling a list with some ratios for the boats. The spreadsheet priorities reflect a balance of what my wife and I are looking for. My personal preference for some of the options might be higher, e.g., Sunfast 3300, but I'm trying to strike a balance. We do have a beam limit of 12ft, but I am going to try to call the marina about the process to apply for exceptions because the Azuree or RM 970 seem like good options. Make & Model Link to Websi
  4. Thank you for the helpful advice on some of those boats! I will add these two new ones both to the list. She has actually come around to being OK without the table in the back, which opens things up quite a bit. I think she is starting to get OK with something more along the lines of the Elan E3 or Azuree 33. The latter has a cool design with a pop up table in the back I haven't seen before.
  5. Thank you, Alex W, dbottles, and Matagi. I will add these to the watch list! Does anyone here have first-hand experience with the Oceanis 30.1 or Hanse 315? The Oceanis all seem to get good reviews, but I can't find a video of it being sailed in high winds.
  6. I think this is a bit to low, wet, and performance oriented for her. Her strong preference is a foldable table in the cockpit for instance. I do like those, but they are too wide for the slips I am looking at. Thank you. Adding these to the list to look at.
  7. I am new poster to the forum and hoping to crowdsource some ideas on a boat. I provided some background below, but in short I am looking for some ideas for boats in the 25-30 ft range or 30-33/34 ft range that are quick, but also recreationally cruise/daysail well. Boat Type - performance cruiser, cruiser/racer Area - San Francisco Bay Primary Use - day Sailing in the bay Secondary Uses - maybe some racing, maybe some close coastal trip and an occasional overnight Size Option 1 (slight preference) - 25-30 ft Size Option 2 - 31-33/34 ft. [I broke these size categor
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