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  1. Thanks. Looks very easy with scuba gear. I'll have to free-dive to do it, or use an air hose and remember to breath out my nose!
  2. The pic is a bit before I finished, although there is still a little corrosion left. I replaced all but one of the hose clamps. Had a bugger of a time getting the one nearest the hull off - the head snapped but the clamp didn't release and I couldn't get anything in to easily break it. REALLY could have done with a dremel with a cutting head! I was hoping to haul out and do the shaft and some hull work in the early New Year. Sounds like it might be a big job!
  3. Yep - that was a concern!!! I have a plan before I even look at replacing the packing: if the stern tube protrudes far enough from the hull, I'm going to dive under and wrap the stern tube and prop shaft in plastic then cloth and cable tie the tube and shaft as close as possible to the shaft entry. This should provide a good enough seal to prevent significant water flow into the boat (pressure from outside should aid the seal). Either way, I'm going to get wet
  4. Update: I've successfully cleaned and freed the stuffing box nuts, replaced the hose clamps, and adjusted so almost no drips while stationary, but I want to replace the packing because there is no adjustment left and too much water comes in while running. I need to find out the size of packing I need. I know I need half the difference between shaft diameter and packing nut inner diameter but I'm not sure of the structure of the packing but. From the images, should I assume the packing nut inner diameter is the same as the outer diameter of the tube the nut screws on to - or is there a se
  5. My feelings too, but I'm planning a haul-out and major hull maintenance about 6 to 8 months down the track, so if I get a reasonably good short-term outcome that sees me through till then it's a win for the wallet!
  6. Thankyou! That's excellent advice!
  7. A 1984 Nantucket 31 - Cole design I believe. Keen for a sail! The only time I've seen the sails up was when I had the survey inspection done and there wasn't a breath of wind. When I took possession, the weather was downright awful. Now I'm waiting for the tide and weather to sail her home.
  8. Would it be a bad idea to use oxalic acid? I've got stacks of it at home. Wrap a rag around it and soak the rag in oxalic acid solution?
  9. I've just acquired my first yacht. Before buying her I knew water was coming in through the stern gland, but I knew almost nothing about stern glands! I've since learnt heaps! After taking possession of her on the weekend, I hoped a simple stuffing box adjustment would be a decent short term fix, or MAYBE I'd try repacking it. Unfortunately, I wasn't lucky... the box is SO corroded I couldn't budge the locking nut (see photos). So now I'm looking at replacing the stuffing box. I like the simplicity of the traditional stuffing box, and with GFO packing it sounds like virtually dripl
  10. The information from the seller, which was probably passed from the previous seller, which was probably..... But the seller didn't have builder in the advert or any documents they had. I've since found the Nantucket 31 was designed and built by Comprador in New South Wales in the 80s, but I have no knowledge of whether the design or moulds were on-sold, so I'll just go with that!
  11. I've found a boat I like in my price range. I had it pulled out and surveyed a couple of days ago. Still waiting on the surveyor's report, but there were a few small osmosis blisters below the waterline. It's a 1984 build, but I can't find a builder. No obvious sign of deep delamination. Will there be any GRP boats this old that stay in the water that WON'T have osmosis blisters?
  12. I've put a deposit on a Nantucket 31 - appears in very good condition (for a 1984 boat). Marine survey on Friday 11/6. Now I have to work out the details of getting her home (ie: pay a delivery skipper or sail her myself - and how)
  13. Thanks for the comments. Unfortunately, the broker sold her to another buyer (I had previously told the broker I was interested enough to place a deposit before viewing, but he said that wasn't necessary - only to call me the day before our viewing appointment to say a buyer had just made an offer that was accepted by the seller).
  14. We are in Hervey Bay. Can go North in deeper water or south to the Strait
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