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  1. Thanks Tom. Yes, they DO look pretty simple, but my engineering skills are even simpler!! Think it's something I'd rather leave to someone with better tools
  2. I'm getting ready to replace or repair the prop on my boat. I'm pretty sure it's a Martec simple ungeared folding prop. The survey report when I bought the boat mid-year said it was worn, and it frequently doesn't open properly. Still trying to decide whether to buy a new prop or to get this one refurbished. I've seen that Martec refurbish their props in USA, but does anyone know of a company that refurbishes Martec props in Australia? And, since I'm new to the world of keelboats, what's involved in getting a prop off (one inch shaft drive)? It would be nice if it could be done in th
  3. Power off, hold down left, right, nav and tack buttons and power on while holding down. Of course, it could also have just been the extended off period that allowed the system to discharge and reset on power up
  4. Autohelm now working! Tried a reset button combination I found in another forum. VERY annoyed that Simrad's Aussie distributors didn't mention anything about a reset option despite me specifically asking in the email if there was something I should try before sending it for repairs! They were fully focused on me buying a new replacement
  5. That's what I'm hoping!
  6. My autohelm stopped working on the weekend. I've had the boat for a couple of months now, and the Simrad TP32 came with the boat. Never used one before, but didn't take long to fall in love with it, so I'm very disappointed! Just wondering if anyone has experiences that might help me because Simrad aren't interested in repairing - but will happily charge me almost full retail to replace it! Normally I only use it for holding a course and for small course changes, but I tried to auto-tack on the weekend and it wouldn't do it, and since then it hasn't worked. Won't even adjust the length o
  7. I recently bought an 80's yacht that has a DV24ME engine in it. I'm gradually getting to know the boat and its systems. After repairing a wet exhaust leak I was hoping there would be less engine odor in the cabin when the engine was running. It is certainly better than it was, but not as good as I was hoping. While inspecting the engine on a weekend away (to check up on the exhaust repair and the stuffing box repack I did), I found the air filter was blowing out warm air from the end of the air filter assembly (see picture). Is this normal? I expected it to be drawing air IN, not the other way
  8. A couple of days ago I had a problem with the jib halyard on the 31 footer I bought recently: the halyard would go down but not up, consequently I had a problem furling the headsail. The halyard was recently replaced with new dyneema before I bought the boat. When I went up the mast, I found the problem easily. The original halyard must have been wire, and the wire had worn a perfect, sharp V groove in the halyard restrainer flared saddle, creating a perfect V-jammer! Does anyone have advice on what I should replace the restrainer with? The choices are another flared saddle (easily availa
  9. Took 3 seconds to find the leak! After squirming in to place and removing a panel so I could view the muffler more easily I had my partner start the engine. Immediately water gushed from the hose exiting the muffler - where the hose was clamped to the muffler there was bend in the hose and it was like a sieve. I could stick my finger through the hose! Now a pretty easy fix
  10. Halyard redirection saddle (used when converting hanked headsail to roller furled headsail - see picture) may need to be inspected! The previous owners of the yacht I just bought had installed a brand new dyneema headsail halyard. On my most recent sail, the halyard failed. So yesterday I went up top to fix the problem. It seems at some stage the halyard had been wire. The wire had worn a groove right through the lower part of the saddle, turning it into a perfect v-jammer that cut through the new halyard sheath and also prevented the halyard from running up (but still allowed it to run down).
  11. Thankyou everyone. Can't believe how much I'm learning since buying this boat (my first yacht) - really enjoying the learning curve!
  12. I never intended to buy a project boat, but it seems I got one anyway! I've been working at repacking a leaking stuffing box (more like a running stuffing box). Finally thought I had it sorted only to find a bilge full of water after the first sail following the repack. The stuffing box didn't appear to be leaking. Finally tracked it down to cooling water coming from somewhere in the exhaust system, running through a hole in back of the engine bay into the drip tray under the stuffing box then into the bilge. Hopefully this also explains the excessive fume smell in the cabin when the eng
  13. Thanks. Looks very easy with scuba gear. I'll have to free-dive to do it, or use an air hose and remember to breath out my nose!
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