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  1. Very interesting boat, it must be expensive I guess. Django is a very interesting boat, but cost more than many new 30 footers. Pointer isn't so expensive nowadays but not so common outside of Northern Europe, does it race well?
  2. Yeah, too heavy to be a proper racer
  3. What do we have in the production market for a racer/cruiser with some accommodation that is under 30 feet and say have a CE certification of B these days? I can only think of Beneteau First 27.
  4. It is quite some years now, I could have replace the mast, and the original sail plan is undercanvas anyway.
  5. I wondered if anyone know the approximate IRC rating for Valiant 40? I also understand the cutter rig isn't much effective without a longer bowspirit, was it possible to convert it into a fractional sloop even though the position of the mast is further aft than a sloop.
  6. Yeah, but I don't know how is the process and cost involved in shipping. But I'll PM him and contemplate on it.
  7. $7000 is not a lot of money for the boat I am I am looking not withstanding the discounts. I was wondering if one can do more about the structure other than the bolts.
  8. I am not dissing all Beneteau boats or big manufacturers in general. I saw a 40.7 for sale at a very good price in what appears to be in a good condition, a search on this forum I can find more than 5 of the same model having keel issues, some even before Cheeki Rafiki, so the boats aren't that old at that stage and doesn't appeared to be related to bolts and fastener, and three of course I am aware of dropped their keel, that is a very high incidence rate for a particular model. I open this post initially looking for ways to bolster or reinforce the structure, but it doesn't seemed lik
  9. Its not about the bolt, but the whole structure. Replacing the bolts are easy peasy but all the reports I've seen that keel dropping is structural, the post pictures given that they broke cleanly.
  10. Good in terms of price, performance and rating. But I would probably think of walk away if there isn't a proper way to strengthen the structure. No point buying something that leave you sleepless at night even though it might be strong enough.
  11. Yes, but that is a subjective standard, good enough for weekend cruising or offshore/ocean races? Have read a few post about the keel even before Cheeky Rafiki happens as I search the past posts here; along with rudder issues.
  12. I might be interested, but don't what sort of hassle one has to go through to ship it across the pond.
  13. These are good boats that are much maligned since the Cheeky Rafiki incident and hence being sold for a low price in the used market. I have heard that there are some program that successfully modified and strengthened the keel grid structure, I wondered how would be the appropriate way to do it, and does anyone known of any boat that had successfully did the modification? Been looking into one of these boats. Thanks
  14. Does anyone use snake shot on them? At least packing one on boat. I only have a 12 gauge on board and it is difficult to find anything smaller than #8 or #9 shot.
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