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  1. I was looking at that RS Quest... Seems like it may not be a bad introduction for us to dinghy sailing.. I've read quite a few comments about the rotomold boats feeling a lot less interesting/dead in comparison to some of the other options we are talking about here. Any thoughts on that? Thanks!
  2. Thanks for the good feedback. Seems like what we are seeing as well. I really don't think the 420 will be a good fit for us based on my size 6'3" ~200lbs...
  3. Great points. We'll be rolling the boat onto the beach so weight for that will definitely be a consideration. Sailing will primarily be in mt.hope bay-- right across from the Roger Williams sailing center.. I wonder what those guys are running- see thenm out every day. Sakonnet is SUPER rough, but over around this side of the point it's substantially calmer "think what the pros here will say is that a decision of "total fun and athletic and fast" This is what I'm looking for- fun, exciting, fast, opportunity to learn/improve more than the importance of the ability to race and win
  4. I saw that V15 up for sale and it did peak my interest. Thanks for sharing Sort of was looking for something with a spinnaker to learn though...
  5. Thanks for the great feedback. I'm leaning towards something that we can doublehand as it is a sport my wife and I are really enjoying "as a team" so for that reason I've been less interested in lasers, sunfish, etc... An alternative option would be to buy two of these and have a blast racing eachother!! The VX one and some of the other larger boats mentioned look awesome but the price of entry seems a lot higher than some of the smaller boats. I would be launching off my beach across the street from me, so really want a boat where that is feasible 505s do seem to be around at
  6. Hello all! I’m getting the itch to learn more about dinghy sailing.. My wife and I are young, athletic, and have experience sailing j22s, Rhodes 19s, and some larger boats (30-40+ ft) We’ve had a lot of fun recently in the J22 & are craving something a bit more exciting and athletic feeling as I know a dinghy would offer. I once sailed a 420, which seemed quite small for me (I’m 6ft3), but still a ton of fun. We have a pretty solid understanding of all basic sailing principals and are confident enough to take out boats in more serious blows..no spinnaker or racing experience
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