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  1. Great! The previous owner sent to me the boat manuals (electronic) but this part about mast stepping was missing. It looks pretty easy to achieve. Thanks!
  2. Wow! this is a long pole. Good system to keep the truck far from the water, especially when it is salt water. Do you have the hinge on the mast foot? It looks like the foot of the mast is on the bow, right?
  3. The previous owner replaced all the standing and running rigging in 2018 and I think they didn't used the boat too much in the last years.
  4. The procedure sounds clear to me. Pretty simple. We will be 2 people to lower the mast. I will conduct a close inspection of the hinge before to proceed as the previous owner told me that he never unstepped the mast. Do you recommend to remove the spreaders for the trailer ride? As they are swept back, should I rotate the mast for 180 degrees to have them pointing downward during the transport? We'll see how it looks once it will be done. It will be easy to flip the mast if it is needed. Now, the only thing I wish is that the Canada/USA border opens. Probably no sailing this summer. They
  5. These are precious information for me. Thanks! As I'm french speaking, I don't understand exactly what you mean by '' Unstring the main sheet system to a 1:1 to provide enough line for lowering'' Could you explain? There is a jib furler installed on the forestay, I guess I have to remove it before?
  6. Hello Sailhmb, As you can see on the first photo, the hinge is set to rotate the mast forward. The spreaders are swept back so I guess I have to remove one set of shrouds for lowering the mast. I didn't saw the boat yet, and bought it with a good survey done on it. I want to be prepared when I will get there to set the boat for the road. The pictures comes from the ad.
  7. Yes, I sent a request to Columbia. Had no reply yet. Are they still in business?
  8. That is my next challenge: Bring the boat in Quebec. The border is still closed.
  9. Hello SA, I just bought a Columbia 30 Sport Boat 2005 in Bayfield, WI and I need to trailer it to my place: Saguenay River, Quebec Canada. The mast is stepped on a hinge and is carbon fiber. I guess it is quite easy to lower it without the need of a crane. Someone can provide some instructions or information on how to proceed? Thanks!
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