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  1. B&G has an analog input, should be no problem with 3rd party camera as soon as you converted to RCA
  2. If you want something simple, not motorized and good quality - Hikvision DS-2CD2143G2 can be a good option. You will also need a decoder from IP to RCA.
  3. My choice in a similar situation was MX Next. Carbon, below 100lb with sail, easy to mount for sailing and have spi. The downside is there never will be a fleet
  4. Yes, I know very well what you mean about Med, I live aside of Lion bay and always calculate +10kn and 0.5m to predictwind numbers when I cross it. But every leg between lands and weather updates is two days maximum, we know in advance when mistral is coming and stay in the bar and if we are not looking for adventure. It's also true that nobody is saint, we can heave away when see risks and then have to deal with consequences. How it was in Adlard Coles "heavy weather sailing": a lack of time and the need to arrive home as soon as possible are the most common reasons for meeting with the
  5. Hi Pepa. Very deliberated and understandable point of view. I would add to this, when you sail 42ft, you broach and your gennaker is in the water, it's possible that you won't be able to get it out solo. So maybe 30-35ft is better. Everything is relative . What I've seen in your comment (don't take it as arguing, it's my point of view) is that you sail a lot big sizes shorthanded for job, on boats that you don't know very well (probably before long legs you take several days for inspection, but it's not the same as if you know the boat for years). And you don't have a lot of problems that yo
  6. This can be a good choice. Looking at last year results in ORC, Swan 45, Swan 42 are the best options. X41 also good. Italia 11.98 made a very good result in European ORC 2021 in May. But all of them are more expansive. Instead you can buy Grand Soleil 42r for about 60-70.000 EUR, but it was produced in IOR time and not very stable, make a bulb keel for about 15.000 eur design and keel itself. Add some weight to the bottom. Maybe bowsprit for the coastal races with gennaker courses and for about 130.000 eur you will have a fantastic boat that in my opinion can beat Swan 42 with same teams.
  7. Cardboard is only for those on the edge. On the Targa there is no cardboard no other imoca inventions
  8. Shaggibaxter: yes, I agree, there are several ways to look at it, again we discussed winch positions for weeks and there was time we wanted to place two of them in the back. Here is my thoughts: i have never sailed with autopilote, able to steer more or less straight in 20kn with some significant Mediterranean waves. No doubts ones on IMOCA can make it, but the price of sensors and computer are around 100K and i have never had it. So in bad weather you are steering by hands, and this is exactly when you want to have control of the main on gusts. 35 or 60 ft are the same when the wind is blowin
  9. Render is just to show actual winch position, in the last modification the deck is slightly rising to the edge, to avoid a water in the cockpit.. I remember I also promised to send a pic of weather protection, here it is
  10. Thanks Kinardly for positive thinking! Slug: Really this boat has 2.4 draft with keel up and there is no problem to find a berth at least in Spain, France and Italy, and the difference in berth price between 50 and 60ft is much less than you will expect, I usually can find private mooring for about 500 eur/month up to 20m. Official prices are about extra 150 eur/month comparing with 50ft. Quite reasonable. Concerning open transom, it was a wish of client and the next hull can be with or without these benches. From one side I would agree with you, they make it more complicated to move, f
  11. Black Jack, sure, It’s understandable, big boat big problems, you tools and spare parts boxes are way bigger. If you have no love for big size you just don’t have it, it will be only a problem, end of story. My wife doesn’s see any romantic in sailing at all and you can not beat her arguments, It’s not practical time spending. Everything you can do more comfortable onshore: read, paint, sign, calculate.. sailing just has no sense for her, it’s only a problem. Same here People love sailing big boats for many reasons, first because they able, then its just impressive, then it’s even
  12. Apophenia, in contrary, I enjoy conversation, it’s interesting to see the way of discussion. Maybe i would like it more tecnical, like it was in some comments in the beggining of the thread, but the world is not ideal ;). The question is, if you don’t like big boats why did you opened the thread, there is a size in the topic
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