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  1. Well, I don’t live in the US, so don’t know how things are there, but over here most clubs are entirely volunteer based with no club pro at all. But it really isn’t much effort to put a covid statement in the NoR. And you may have Fed or local guidelines but they need implementing at your actual club. No politician is going to tell you whether your changing rooms are well enough ventilated and big enough for 10, 20 or 30 people. Who at your club will make that decision and change it as govt guidance changes? That is what the covid committee does at my club.
  2. To establish, and put into place, effective covid measures at your club. Are the changing rooms open, is the galley open, can you drink at the bar, should briefings be held outdoors, can you have a one way system or erect wind breaks/sunshades for outdoor gatherings. How many people are allowed in the training room etc? And then discussing regularly whether these mitigations are working and still needed as govt regulation changes. How else can you identify, demonstrate and monitor covid secure protocols? Or do you see this as part of the general committee’s duties (unlikely as almost certa
  3. I’m staggered that the NOR and SI didn’t have a covid statement. And amazed the club doesn’t already have a covid committee. These are basic things, even for an amateur club.
  4. Good video on the math of leeway etc
  5. At least as bad as the antivaxxer individual not wearing a mask is the organiser holding a standing room only meeting in an unventilated space.
  6. You can fly direct to Farnborough airport though, way easier than Ally Pally. Very nice airport too (Tag Heur)!
  7. And one of those was mine! The sail material was crap, it was heavy and the space frame had to be re-cut so it didn’t overlap the chute mouth and shred the kite. But it was so fresh, cheap, easy and innovative. Terrific cockpit layout. When the ISO and 4000 both started to dwindle they should have got together to form a super-class, co-operation rather than competition might have seen both evolve and survive. And the best sensation of speed I ever had was in a Buzz, 15kt felt like 30!
  8. Ahem… “do they have for their intellectual property”.
  9. The 100 is not like a Musto (though the 700 is) and the 400 is nothing like an i14 (though the 800 is if you squint hard enough). The Aero isn’t even like the Laser except it is a singlehanded boat. Would you say a Tasar is like a Snipe, or a Hobie is like a Tornado?
  10. You’ve answered your own question. If you can’t commit to a new class, who will?
  11. This is not to be derided. Why would anyone enter an event or spend €€€ on a sport they can not compete in? In sailing, the gap between a weekend learning to sail and being able to finish on the same leg as a moderate club sailor is huge and it is not surprising that many give up before they breach it. In tennis, there is so much coaching that a 16 year old who plays/trains two times a week since age 5 will be thrashed 6-0 by a “serious” player. This good (but not good enough) teenager has nowhere to go - too good for most adult (social) club members not good enough for their age group. S
  12. This is interesting in a number of ways. Firstly it shows how highly prioritised sailing is by GBR, being right in the top rank of funding. I wonder how many other nations put sailing at the front of the Olympic aspirations? Secondly it shows that sailing medals are more expensive to win than most. Even if their had been 100% success each sailing medal would have cost £2.25 million.
  13. $3.5 in 2014 is not equivalent to £20 in 2021. It is nearer to £2.
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