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  1. Bull. If you think Chris Turner invested hundreds of thousands of dollars to become an ILCA builder for the fun of it then it is you that is a misguided ignorant person.
  2. Well English is my second language but I think I mean how. They “why” is presumably because they think they can make money, actually more money than any alternative investment they could make.
  3. I have a lot of sympathy and respect for that view, but I wonder how Ovi, Devoti and Nautivela overcome the economic and, especially, the environmental hurdles. Especially as Europe generally has greener regulations than the US.
  4. I thought new Olympic classes had to be recyclable. Or is that just my wishful thinking? Either way, the performance gain from a small singlehander being built in carbon is marginal - the speed of these boats is more limited by low righting moment than excess weight. And being marginally the quickest option amongst a range of low performance classes is not an important differentiator.
  5. Musannah, youth worlds. @Alan Crawford got it.
  6. I was going to do Beer when I finally got one!
  7. On a yacht that depends upon a low centre of mass for its stability, you want to add the mass low down. However, on a dinghy that is already sufficiently stable and uses body weight to stay upright you want to add any additional mass high up - top of the mast if possible. That increases the rotational inertia making a more more docile boat that you can react more slowly to. Just the same as it is easier to balance a broom on your hands upside down that it is the right way up.
  8. Leo, I understand that you don’t like Brexit. I don’t understand your fixation with it or your apparent hatred of the British or your constant mockery of its politics. The news in the Netherlands isn’t great: Riots, soaring covid rates, curfew, allegations of torture against Balinese prisoners, hundreds of catering business closures, cost increases and delays to mink farmers and Shell leaving the country to set up base in the UK. Maybe focus on this rather than throw stones?
  9. PSA, PSJ and Zim notably absent? Especially given 3 Aus/NZ boats in the top 11.
  10. I would have thought it was quite easy. The template drives the content and format of it, so my similarity to ILCA rules is unavoidable, and anyway copyright of ILCA class rules would belong tomWS not ILCA I assume?
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