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  1. I suggest you read your own link. You clearly have not.
  2. You all look alike, you all say the same thing. I already explained this one to you but you probably don't even remember.
  3. I am celebrating people who go to all the trouble of finding a link to justify their stupid position, but only bother to read the first sentence on the page.
  4. I suggest you actually read what The Laffer Curve is before you say more, even dumber, things.
  5. Sorry, it too late, the busses are already being loaded.
  6. If you don't like it then stop saying stupid things. Cutting taxes does not increase tax revenues. That is fucking stupid. There is no 'having a conversation' with fucking idiots who think cutting taxes increases tax revenues. And yes, calling this stuff stupid is necessary. You do not get to endlessly repeat stupid fucking lies unchallenged.
  7. Dude, what you said was fucking stupid, I am not going to bother explaining why. Pretty pointless to explain things to morons who have no interest in understanding something.
  8. Lol, why don't you think about why what you said is stupid? Is this the tripe they peddle on FOX these days?
  9. Goddamn the fucking morons around here...
  10. Hahaha. Yup, they just pay for themselves. It's all part of the new republican common core, subtraction makes things BIGGER!
  11. Or if a RWNJ 'does the research' it's just as good as science.
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