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  1. You got a list of ILCA dealers in USA? Or in Michigan?
  2. Layline used to have great help for my j22 rigging and upgrading sheets, etc, and I ordered Laser parts from them. Annapolis performance sailing APSltd used to be similar but always a few dollars more than Layline. And i liked the Layline guys on the phone. Very smart guys. Who do you mail order from now?
  3. The bimini top looks it throws more shade... Which is good for prevention of skin cancer... But will we remember to open it all the time?
  4. https://optistuff.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/02/Optimist-Transportation-and-Storage.pdf Picture of opti strapped down to whaler near bottom
  5. Last time I shopped one design boats, layline.com (mail order company with great phone reps) and apsltd.com (annapolis performance sailing) were still around. Where do you buy one design parts mail order now?
  6. Which builder sells in north America / usa?
  7. Never knew they made a montauk 210. Is that too big? Looks cool. I can't remember which Montauk i drove when was director of sailing school. Never had a hardtop but got too much sun teaching sailing. Does the hard top make the cooler seat go away or can you have both? https://www.bostonwhaler.com/bcom/boatconfig.printpdf?pagePath=/content/brunswick/boston-whaler/na/us/en/build-and-price/boat-configurator&modelId=21MTK&transId=62142993
  8. Found this for reference. https://www.reddit.com/r/sailing/comments/mdkkd0/comment/gsbbxot
  9. I'm thinking about getting three Optimus prams for my kids and a chase boat with trailer. I'm thinking about Boston whaler. Have you seen anyone put three optis inside or on a rack on top of the whaler? What size boston whaler do you recommend for a family of five? Who is selling optis in Michigan?
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