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  1. this is a different race. ...the Bermudes has finished
  2. re. Linked out: read up three posts! damage to steering system
  3. (autotranslated) FLASH / Technical problem on board the LinkedOut sailboat Thomas Ruyant, engaged in the Guyader Bermuda 1000 Race, experienced a break in the steering system of his LinkedOut sailboat last night. He then put his sailboat on the cape while waiting for the wind to drop and then regained control of his boat by steering manually. The Dunkirk navigator is doing well. He is heading for the coast trying to solve his technical problem. He informed the race management of this edition of the Guyader Bermuda 1000 Race that he was abandoned.
  4. It looks at the moment like "to he that hath shall be given".. the three front runners caught earlier wind, and a quite a spread in the fleet so quickly.. I haven't looked at the forecast, but it must be dispiriting for those who didn't get a good start/
  5. Actually there are lots of great pics from the speed trial just published on FB https://www.facebook.com/GuyaderBermudes1000Race/posts/pfbid0EFZYpKRi8j2dLwRThUCAJxBTa8PCzs8DGQBc9yYWRpjCajFxU5SdgFxzb28gdNFKl
  6. Louis Burton wins today's speed challenge (Pom'Potes) reaching 28knots max speed (great pic!)
  7. .. starts this weekend. I couldn't find a dedicated thread (other than under the general IMOCA thread where Huey has been posting some pics of starters) so I've started one. It will be interesting to see how everyone fares after the winter refits or in boats new to them.... 24 IMOCAs on the start list...
  8. Oh very good luck to you. I hope the boat prep goes well. Do keep us informed- its always nice to follow someone we "know" (if only virtually)
  9. This is shaping up to be an interesting race- 35 or so entries so far, including 15 (RORC) two handers. Article on 2H here: https://roundbritain.rorc.org/news/918-two-handed-titans?fbclid=IwAR30o9om7eYPv9ddgLN-vIm1lrQZa1s78a39zE87Ibv7Kbmxvj7jfS7qYHU Lots of other interest: IMOCA followers: Pip Hare is doing it on her new (to her) IMOCA Medallia; along with three other IMOCAS - Sam Davies on Initiatives Coer - and the two "new" UK IMOCA players, Ollie Heer and James Harayda I wonder if other MOD70s will compete- Powerplay the only one listed so far. Entries don't close f
  10. This looks like a very incomplete list .. Its late here in the Uk so I am not going to trawl through everyone, but just mentioning _ obvious missing one which is a serious contender is Pip Hare (Medallia) - Two more Imoca's in UK hands on possible 2024 campaigns (James Harayda (2007 Group Finot designed IMOCA) & Ollie Heer- (2007 Farr-designed IMOCA) I haven't quite fathomed out which boats they have taken over, though) https://www.imoca.org/en/news/news/imocas-front-up-for-sevenstar-round-britain-ireland-race
  11. It looks an exciting course- lots of manoeuvring!
  12. They had a "technical problem". Had to send a crew member up the mast, so had to take shelter behind one of the islands for this procedure. They said it was all sorted now. Some good speeds from the MOCRAs (at times). I'll be interested to hear how Giles Scott gets on on Powerplay- a big leap from sailing AC75s and dinghys... Looks a very unstable weather pattern- every time I look the forecast looks different. Good look to the navigators!
  13. Looks like this might be interesting to watch... several multihulls, including a new one: American Gunboat 68 Tosca, which includes Alex Thomson and Neal McDonald on the crew list. Comanche leading the monohulls (can they beat the race record?). Nice to see two handed too- can Jangada repeat 2019 success? http://rorctransatlantic.rorc.org/race-updates/battle-lines-drawn-for-rorc-transatlantic-race.html Full entry list http://rorctransatlantic.rorc.org/entries/entries-2022.html Tracker http://rorctransatlantic.rorc.org/tracking/2022-fleet-tracking.html
  14. His intention to do the 2024 Vendee was mentioned on his Gentoo Sailing team call for sailors for a "youth program" (FB 28th Dec). It doesn't mention Alex though. Here's an extract: Not clear what boat or whether there is money.... " Gentoo Sailing Team (GST) is a team focused on competing in the 2024 Vendée Globe with James Harayda as the skipper. As part of our goal, we are hoping to open the door for more young sailors to have an opportunity to sail and work with a Vendée Globe team through our Youth Program" "The selected sailors will compete in various RORC and JOG offshore rac
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