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  1. Hey All, Just a follow-up on my query on the broken top-mast. (I'm the person who posted the photo and posed the question.) I just learned yesterday that RS is replacing the top-mast under warranty A big shout out to Bo at Zim Sailing who helped RS to see that this was the right thing to do. Bo is awesome. (He even coached by the phone while I was assembling the boat after purchase.) Thanks to everyone on this forum for the many insights and offers of assistance.
  2. @JulianB You are certainly in a position to know! I'm hoping that RS will provide a new top mast, then I will teach myself the repair skills on the old one, i.e. when the stakes are a bit lower. One way or another, however, I'm going to attempt it. Just a question of sequencing.
  3. Thank you for asking @RedTuna. My super-helpful and motivated, RS dealer, Bo of Zim's sailing, is working to convince RS to replace the part. RS' first response was: "The owner can repair the track." Bo's response was, "Are you kidding me? Even I would not feel comfortable doing that." So, Bo is trying again. He believes that RS' mind can be changed. If that proves true, I will post that here!
  4. Mystery solved. RS confirms that this is the pin that holds in the sheave at the outboard end of the boom. Held in by a small grub screw.
  5. Clarification: this is a 3/4" chrome plated pin found rolling in the cockpit of (nor or) my Aero
  6. Does anyone recognize this part? (I.e., what block, shackle, or spar is going to fail catastrophically during my next heavy air sail?) Thank you!
  7. Just to keep you folks on your toes, I'm about to post another RS Aero mystery: the (prior) function of a lovely chrome plated pin found rolling freely in my cockpit during a sail today. Stay tuned...
  8. My mast track broke under sail! The boat was actually never transported. I sail it on the lake where it is stored.
  9. Who, I confess that he person who posed the original picture/question (me) did not know who Julian Bethwaite is. But I do now: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Julian_Bethwaite I am now further awed by all of the expert input here. Thanks
  10. Okay, just striving to be inclusive. I truly appreciate the copious expert input I've received on my question!
  11. Seems like a reasonable question to me (and no need for hostility)! I get the sense that these sail tracks fail by breaking off a scallop. It's weird. Perhaps something about carbon fiber. I'm hoping that the dealer will help RS to do the right thing!
  12. Thanks to both WCB and RSsailingNA for generous offers of help! I'm waiting to hear on my RS dealer, who I imagine is waiting to hear from RS. I'm hoping that RS will provision a replacement top mast for me!
  13. Enjoy the weight savings up there :-) That's hilarious! I've sailed it once since discovering the breakage, and things held together otherwise and the sail did not blow out of the track. So, "enjoying the weight savings" is my default plan for now. Still, I hope that RS provides a warranty replacement, in which case, I'll keep my "custom" top mast in storage as a spare in case of catastrophe.
  14. I bought the boat new in October from an excellent RS dealer in Newport, RI, Zim's sailing. The boat was delivered to me in its Tyvek wrapper, unassembled. The cutout was not there when I took delivery. I'm the only person who has sailed it. I think it's a broken bit. Someone sent me a picture on the RS Aero Forum showing a similar cutout on the lower mast of his/her Aero (see below). This cutout is also not supposed to be there!
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