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  1. Having just purchased a new (to me) boat that will live in a slip about 30 minutes from our house I was looking for an easy and relatively inexpensive way to keep an eye on things. Using the free guest wifi at the marina I was able to put together a 2 camera system for around $150 bucks (as I type it looks like the price of the cameras went up, but they’ll surely drop again). Hopefully this will help someone with the same intent. To start I was unable to find any cameras I could hook directly to the free wifi due to the captive portal set up that requires you to accept the terms a
  2. I can see where this is very important! As of now the whole process has been through the broker so haven't had any direct interaction with the owners.
  3. Certainly not complaining about a good survey. Quite the opposite, just want to make sure I'm keeping with the normal etiguite for these things and being fair to myself and the owners.
  4. We did, but things like the tear and some other small wear and tear things I did not catch. Being that we landed about 5% of list price I feel that captures the work needed.
  5. This is very well put and I think fits the situation perfectly.
  6. I'm actually not, hence I'm asking for opinions here instead of bothering seller or broker as I work through it. The UV strip was just an example. My overall question is, is it common to go back after some small details are discovered during the survey, and as I assumed outside of major repairs it sounds like it's not.
  7. Thanks in advance for any advice... I have a contract on a 2015 38' boat. The boat has been very lightly used, which is part of the problem. The contract price is a product of our initial offer countered by the seller and accepted. There was nothing major found on the survey, in fact most of the issues were cosmetic. One if the furling head sails for instance is filthy around the UV strip (from being furled for so long) and has a small tear in the strip. Over all there is nothing major to repair, just really clean. Are these the type items I should be going back to the seller for p
  8. I was currently researching the same thing. I was told $2.30 per mile is a good measure, plus around $50 per state if permits are needed for oversized loads, etc. This of course does not include taking down and resetting the mast / rigging.
  9. Recently signed a contract and need a pre purchase survey completed. Looking for someone in the Punta Gorda area. I have a short list, so any info or previous experience would be helpful, or feel free to throw out someone else you’ve had good experience with. Troy Langford John Gullick Steve Berlin Richard Davis Thanks.
  10. So…. What your saying is don’t buy an ex charter boat and stay miles away from anything with “hurricane damage”. Pretty much what I assumed, but always good to have some strangers’ opinions from the internet! I’m sure the appeal (non damaged charter fleets) is there for a pretty big boat for a decent price, but I guess you’re buying a lot of unknowns.
  11. I totally agree that anyone in their right mind would ever touch one of these… but does anyone? I would assume they list them this way for a reason. I have seen others still 140K+ with no rigging at all. Are they just hoping the really idealistic project guy comes along and picks one up? I understand the beaten up idea with these boats, even the non hurricane ones. I guess in my optimistic mind they are decently well maintained in the fleet as to not break down and cut into revenue. I tend to think of them as being slightly more well treated than your average Hertz car, but
  12. Yacht Trader has lots of charter boats with the “sustained damage during hurricane Irma” disclaimers. Some seemingly minor, and others appear to be close to total losses. In the case of the one below I would think the insurance would have already stepped in here, are they just selling what’s left to try to make some more money on top? I am probably a year out from buying but there are some former Moorings and Sunsail boats that look to fit my needs. Wondering about some of these that are missing masts, or other major damages. I don’t think I could ever bring myself to go after a project
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