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  1. I expect usage to be roughly as follows 40% solo/40% me + 1 or 2/ 20% me + wife + 3 (small) kids (ages 5-8 right now) I am leaning hard toward the 18-20' range (First/SE 18; Melges 20; U20, etc.) for a couple reasons. solo launch and rigging for one. My kids are young right now, so when all 5 of us are on board, it won't be terribly crowded. Plan to use for a couple years and then size-up to something bigger. this will be first sailboat we will have owned so I don't mind starting on the small end and growing into larger boats. (may even keep the smaller boat if the kids enjoy it as the
  2. Dang, you all did not disappoint in coming through with an abundance of options. Thanks to everyone for your responses so far! To clarify/re-emphasize a couple criteria: 1) easily trailerable and shallow water launchable, so a lifting or swing keel is a non-negotiable 2) I need to be able to step the mast and rig alone, so I question whether some of the bigger boats mentioned fit that criteria 3) Ideally, I stay below $25k - I know I might be really hamstringing myself here, but I'm in no hurry and can wait for the right boat (but sounds like the good ones that meet all th
  3. Hey Everybody, first post and new to the SA forums. In the market for a possible unicorn here and looking for input so I don't miss any great options. In short, is there a boat out there I can plane solo...and will daysail comfortably with 5 people? Looking for a trailer-able sporty keelboat (~18-24' range) I can manage setting up on my own yet will accommodate my family of five for some lake and coastal daysailing. I started looking at the Melges 24 and J/70 by a friend's recommendation. As far as I can tell, those boats can be single-handed for sure, but probably not without sig
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