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  1. You might be onto something with the winch grease… Before sunscreen was a “thing”, In World War II, guys in the south pacific would apply Red Veterinary Petrolatum to keep from getting burned. Basically like axel grease. Thick sticky nasty stuff.
  2. No sunscreen is as good as physical protection. Improper application/reapplication of sunscreen is not an uncommon issue and well documented in medical literature. First issue is not putting enough on. To reach the advertised SPF, if you were covering your entire body, you’d need 1-1.5 ounces (volume of a shot glass). Quite a bit of sunscreen. You should have white streaks on your skin that take some work to rub in. What I believe is the bigger issue with the human factor is reapplication. Sunscreen begins to wear off after only 2 hours, regardless of the SPF. In the U.S. s
  3. Ball cap with the addition of a Buff “multifunctional neckware” https://www.buffusa.com/ and sunglasses works well in wind. This approach seems to be popular with saltwater fishing guides down south. And bank robbers. And people during covid.
  4. Not sure how much change it really makes. Kinda like a doctor telling patients to loose weight or to quit smoking. Or pissing in the wind. People only change when they want to. If I didn’t have the discussion I wouldn’t be doing my job. Some will make change but most will carry on with the habits they have. It’s usually when they’ve had one or two cancers removed that the light finally comes on. Plenty of people in their 60s ad 70s saying “I wish I had…” I have had shrinking problems with other Filson hats but this one, with the wax finish, doesn’t seem as problemati
  5. I’m a dermatologist. The many people are the patients I counsel daily.
  6. And when you’re done preparing, sit down and enjoy one!
  7. I like this one more as a rain hat or in cooler weather. Nice huge brim but doesn’t breathe as well as the OR Sombriolet.
  8. Many people think brimmed hats look goofy and are sometimes reluctant to wear them. Want to know what’s really goofy looking?— Loosing the tips of your ears to skin cancer and having your glasses sit crooked on your face! I’ve got a pumpkin sized head (7 7/8-8) so finding hats is a little bit of a challenge. My go-to brimmed hats that I can find in size huge are: Outdoor Research’s Sombriolet— big brim, leightweight, floats. Limited to wearing on beach and on the water or while hiking as it looks a bit silly in social situations. Has strap to secure under chin or behind
  9. As a dermatologist that takes a pragmatic approach to things, here’s my typical response to this question… A long sleeve rash guard or sun shirt and a big brimmed hat are best protection and minimizes surfaces that you need to apply sunscreen (legs, hands, etc) that aren’t physically covered. Believe it or not, one of the highest rated sunscreens by consumers report is the Walmart house brand “Equate” in spf 50 sport formulation. if you are looking for non greasy, try Neutrogena “Ultra Sheer”. Dries to a sort of powdery texture. Can sting a little in your eyes if sweatin
  10. Someone to commiserate with— Excellent!!! I am using balsa core and covering with 1708 fiberglass and epoxy resin but haven’t been making too much progress of late due to a busy summer and hot garage. Haven’t purchased paint yet Accidentally put a couple of cuts through the outer skin when I bumped the depth stop on my compact circular saw. Nothing huge but after a bit of ranting and swearing, came to terms withwasn’t planning on learning to repair the outside of the hull. An oscillating tool has proved much safer. Based on my experience so far, I’d recommend removing the se
  11. The Zolatone looks very much like what is in there! Would be a great product if only I could spray…
  12. Thanks for the input. I was mentally lumping all two part paints as “epoxy” and I now know this isn’t correct. The Highlander is the larger less popular brother to the venerable Flying Scot and is a fairly open boat. It has a significant portion of the floor exposed to sunlight so I’ll have to be sure the topcoat has decent UV protection. Right now, I am planning on a two part epoxy primer and likely a two part polyurethane paint thinned out for rolling.
  13. I am replacing the balsa core and reglassing the floor of a 1970 Highlander and looking for paint and primer suggestions for the floor and inside surfaces of the hull. The current paint, I’m pretty sure original, is a rough matte gray that covers a heavily textured fiberglass woven roving. It is a functional paint job with no attempt to approximate a fine finish. I’d say closer to primer than paint. I would like to cover with something a little bit smoother so it may be kept clean. Want to keep a relatively matte surface so glare is at a minimum. Prefer two part paint for
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