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  1. That’s the plan, it would be nice to deal with one place for both.
  2. After a bit of work tidying things up we went for a maiden voyage. From Seattle to poulsbo and back. Was great, boat seems to be what will meet our needs about perfect. (Our realistic needs). Now we know some things that need work, leaks, I want to replace about all of the running rigging, we can def ditch the 120v air conditioner, etc. was really impressed with the ability to sail main only. I know this is old news to most folks, but we were pleasantly surprised.
  3. Update on this, discounted 7k from the original offer, was accepted by the seller. 7k is about what I figure the rudder bearings will cost, going to have the prop serviced at the same time. I feel like I am getting a decent deal, paid about 40k less than comparable boats are listed on yacht world. Just for peoples info, we paid 76% of original asking price of the boat. I would love a J120 but they’re quite a bit more, that’s the boat that got me thinking about J boats in the beginning.
  4. Another update, had the survey yesterday, rudder bearings need attention, so trying to get quotes on that. Has a few areas of moisture in the deck, mostly around owner added stuff. The big surprise was blisters, lots of them, the boat was hauled 4 years ago and had a few blisters, like 4-5, yesterday had at least 200-300, varying sizes up to about 2”. Most of them are 1” or smaller. The big change between the haulouts was the boats location, in a freshwater lake, and was a livaboard. Was previously in the cold saltwater it’s whole life. We plan on moving the boat to saltwater again. At this po
  5. Update, offer accepted, moving forward. Pretty excited, hope everything checks out!
  6. Been snooping around here for quite a while, awesome to see the amount of knowledge kicking around online. Looking at our first boat, J40, 1987. I think I have most of the normal problems identified, rudder bearings, leaky port lights, anything not original to the boat as far as hull and deck hardware. Just wondering if anyone had any more known problems with these things. Looked at the boat yesterday, will probably make an offer contingent on $ and survey, but don’t want to waste time if there’s anything obvious i should be looking for as well. Boat appears to be well kept, has been in the sa
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