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  1. In fair condition and it's FREE! It's a sailboat (He thinks). https://seattle.craigslist.org/est/boa/d/woodinville-free-boat-made-in-sweden/7392726062.html
  2. Good advice. I've been looking for "problems" that help me eliminate potential boats rather than seeing the potential of older boats that need work. And I'm going to focus on broker's listings and work through them. Also, I received a cashier's check for the deposit. In the future I have to be a bit smarter and have a written offer sheet with basic information and agreement.
  3. Yes. In retrospect I would have done things differently. At least note a drivers license #, confirm it's her name on a title, and something in writing. But still, if she's a scammer would it matter? And if a scammer why would she call the next morning telling me she's selling to someone else? Whole thing doesn't make sense. And it's still listed on CL without a "Sale Pending" notice. I did make a complaint with the Sheriff's office. If I were a diver, I'd dive the boat to make sure the zinc's are on good and tight. Turn the bolts counter clockwise is my understanding.
  4. Some really good suggestions here that I may have to follow up with.
  5. Being a newbie sailor I would want a survey on any boat I'm interested in. I would work with a broker but find their stock to be pretty limited for my price range which admittedly is low (below $30K). I think the boat is actually in very good condition and she is just wanting quick cash. But to have shaken on the deal, cashed the check, then backed out is shitty. My BIL is a lawyer and my check did clear my account with her signature on it so I may just ask him to draft a letter to fuck around with her.
  6. Foolish me trusting someone else. We definitely formed a verbal contract. On the check I noted it was a deposit for the boat. The adjacent slip holders knew her so it's her boat. If I had the time, interest, and money I'd contact a lawyer and try to fuck up any other deal she had cooking. But it's not worth it. And yeah, I'd better be seeing a check ASAP.
  7. I have been looking for a 30' sailboat for the past year and a half. Traveled hours to see "excellent" boats that turn out to have black mold, wet decks, bad engines, and rotting bulkheads. Except for yesterday when I checked out a really nice Catalina that the owner had put lots of time and care into. I put down 10% deposit and will purchase pending survey. I get home and email half a dozen surveyors and get one who can see the boat early next week. Today the owner calls saying she's talked with another buyer who's basically offering cash now sight unseen and since I hadn’t put down “earnest
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