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  1. I actually reached out to The VX EVO dealer (Rod) a couple of weeks back…he said next shipment of new boats from the UK is scheduled to leave in November. Boat availability seems to be a challenge to grow the class and gain a foothold…seems biggest concentration to date is in Texas where Rod is located (none around the Midwest where I’m located) My use case is similar is fairly similar to yours, mostly high performance day sailing but I want an option to race…given that, considering a Melges 15 and would sail it without a jib when singlehanded…
  2. Does anyone have any experience sailing the Melges 15 singlehanded without the jib? Have does the boat behave? Also, I know there is a short video showing Eddie Cox flying the chute solo, but realistically how challenging is it (I.e. while it’s clearly POSSIBLE, the question is the degree of difficulty/sanity level required)? Finally, any idea how many boats they’ve sold to date? Thx!
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