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  1. We are proud and honored that we got the opportunity to advocate for climate action as part of the delegation of the Marshall Islands at COP26 climate conference in Glasgow. We had two very nice events where we presented the achievements of our project with Waan Aelõñ in Majel (Canoes of the Marshall Islands) in gaining climate change resilience by reviving the traditional outrigger canoe. A recorded video of our session is here available on demand (requires free registration).
  2. Interesting theory about symmetry and taste Sorry, but will definitely not paint some weird patterns on proasis, before we run out of real things to improve! Aside of that, if she looks strange to some people that might even attract more attention which would be good for the project
  3. Hey guys, thanks for your kind words regarding the proasis project. Much appreciated and great motivation that you could take something from it and it even inspires someone! I personally never understood why discussions up here and especially about proas are always so difficult. I like all sailboats, what counts is that someone has a benefit of them (let it be fun, fish/food, a job, transportation, accommodation or whatever). Proasis is certainly not the most beautiful boat, but she's sailing, paid, and does her job by bringing us pleasure and the opportunity to work on a better fut
  4. Interesting question! The boat was designed to sail balanced with the foot of the sail placed approx. 1m in front of the beams where it is right now. Nevertheless, the current position works most of the time, only the force on the rudder is annoying. The reason we've placed it there is that it was faster to lash the mount to the beam than to wait for glue to cure on the bow So its only a temporary solution. The final foot mounts are now glued 1m further on each bow and fitted with cleats for faster shunting. Should take about 40 sec from cruising speed to cruising speed now.
  5. Some footage of proasis sailing in more wind:
  6. Some new videos of proasis sailing together with other proas:
  7. Proafile.com has published something about proasis. Read the full article here: https://proafile.com/multihull-boats/article/the-proasis-project
  8. Not at all! Because its a great color! Not to hot in the sun, UV resistant, doesent highlight dirt, blends well with the blue sky and turquis water and good visibility. Also it attracts attention, which is the main busyness of our project. We've just completed our first sea trial to denmark. You can find the full article and more pictures on www.proas.is.
  9. Hi anarchists, a warm "moin" from north Germany! I would like to introduce you to a new member of the proa family out there in the world: Proasis! Proasis is an 9 m long shunting outrigger canoe with a comparable large windward hull for some accomodation (kind of drua style). She has a traditional Marshallese sail and an unique double-kickup rudder system. We have designed and built her as part of the Proasis-Project on a budget of 4000€ (that includes everything, even the cost for renting a workshop and transporting the hulls to the water) the past two years and launched her
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