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  1. Thanks @Rain Man, I checked and "Crowded House" is not on the ships registry. I am overwhelmed by the responses to my question on this forum. When I have a serious problem, I'm coming back here for the solution!!! Thanks for all of your help and suggestions
  2. Thanks everyone for your suggestions!! @Ishmael, I will certainly check for an S/N on lockers and lids, etc. @12 metreYes, I tried the Survey, no S/S, just a line stating that HINs were only implemented beginning in 1978. Fortunately the engine is new so I know its age. I'll just satisfy myself by saying it is "well broken-in." Now I need to get out and sail it.
  3. Mainly for curiosity, I am trying to find the Hull ID on my Crown-34. I know that it must be here somewhere but it's hidden very well. The Crown-34 was made by Calgan Marine here in North Vancouver, BC sometime between 1975-1980. Old boats have their mysteries. She's an old boat but new to me. Thanks for any help!
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