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  1. Might as well make some of those free spaces... almost a foregone conclusion. Wait, aren't murder hornets a 'thing' anymore??
  2. Too true funny not to share. I was however torn as to which thread it should be added...
  3. Thanks for the intel. Any speculation as to why she's back in China? Oh, and Happy New Year to you & yours Steelmadesteamer!
  4. McConaghy Boats - 90ft custom catamaran named "Raptor". Anyone ever heard about this rare ride? Doesn't seem to be anything on their website now about it. Just this one video of the mast being stepped about a year ago. Seems like it would be 'a challenge' keeping a 90-footer secret... Raptor Mast Stepping - YouTube
  5. When the time is right, I'll hold you to the promise of sharing some photos! In the meantime; enjoy!!
  6. Had another epic day here in FLA. Strange that there are 'rock throwers' around these parts who have never visited my fine state. And that's cool, I guess. Seen too many die prematurely & violently during my life, that I now say (with conviction): live and let live within the constitutional rights granted to individuals. During the holidays here's an idea, push away from the politics, I say. Rot your brain faster than any chemical vice. Maybe even go get out on the water ("fucking condo catamarans" make for a fine long weekend offshore). Or get/rent a boat of your l
  7. Fuckin' be proud. Never second-guess this decision (as you've probably already lost too much sleep thus far). Don't take any time off. Look around and create the next epic portal of your life. Then report back in when warranted. Did I say; be fuckin proud? A damn fine job during yer watch, says I.
  8. This usually does not end well.
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