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  1. They are a cute couple, wish them good luck. Québécois are wonderful until you get them in a bar fight or behind the wheel of a logging truck. Then look out.
  2. Is this one better? Or it is too radical left MSM lesbo taking away our Christian freedoms? https://www.cnn.com/2021/12/21/business/coal-miners-joe-manchin/index.html Mansion did indicate on Monday that maybe the door was still open. the market came back a little on Tuesday. At the end of the day I bet they still get something done and it will probably be better. If they can do something without the more extreme elements I am all for it.
  3. Yes. There was more than one thing going on in the market. That happens. Omicron is a big factor. But what changed between Sunday and Monday when the market filled 650? Manchin happened.
  4. Manchin came back today and indicated maybe he will be back at the negotiating table. Nothing like having a 650 point drop in the Dow shoved up your ass to create some clarity. He even pissed off the coal nazis. https://news.yahoo.com/coal-miners-union-joe-manchin-213616048.html This Market is volatile as fuck. The buy the dip play has worked all year. Give it a couple days and we’ll see. Another drop is a hell of a lot more likely than a big up.
  5. Well then I will just continue to go by sitting on the sink and singing O Canada.
  6. It’s legal to pee off the boat within the 3 mile limit, but illegal discharge pee directly from the toilet, from the sanitation system, or to pee in a container and dump it off the boat. So, is it illegal to pee in a sink that drains directly over the over the side? Or is that illegal hose extension?
  7. Has anybody mentioned Vancouver 28? That was in my short list at one time but I couldn’t find one nearby. Ended up with a Cape Dory project which was not dissimilar.
  8. There are boats in my marina in New England that have hailing port of Aspen Colorado, Scottsdale Arizona, etc. Or small boats with some place in Asia. I am pretty sure they didn’t sail here from those places. My thinking has always been that the hailing port should either be (1) where I sail out of or (2) my home if my home is on the water. What are the rules?
  9. Yanks is like calling you a Canuck. People elsewhere use it because they picked it up from WWII movies but it doesn’t fit. People of New England of British colonial descent are Yankees. Irish Bostonians and Mainers with French names for example are not. Nobody is too worked up about it, but why do you get to decide what we call ourselves? “America” is in the name of the country and the only unique word in the name of the country, which predates the naming of Canada. Canada could have called itself the Canadian states of America or something else but it didn’t. “American” was in use before
  10. Actually I think they would be fine with death to all of north and South America and Europe, north east Asia, and anyplace else that has working plumbing and latte shops.
  11. One small note… the use of the word American to refer to people from the US predates the Trump debacle by a couple hundred years and is controversial now in our language sensitive age. There really isn’t another shorthand term or nickname that has risen to replace it. Some Spanish speaking countries use estadounidense. Many Quebecers have long used etats-uniens. These roughly translate as “united statesers” which is clunky and doesn’t really translate well. As we call Australians Australians, not Commonwealth-of-Australiaers. So American has stuck. Non French Canadians often call us Americans
  12. Yeah, but people follow them, and the word fan being short for fanatic, they often adopt their views. Clapton attributed an illness to the vaccine and now he is exacerbating a deadly situation. Lets call it what it really is though, guys like him and Van Morrison are narcissists who want to be on stage and viewed last year’s restrictions as a personal affront.
  13. I paid $80 to see Iron Maiden two years ago and they had three times as many guitar players. All three of them know how to keep their mouths shut.
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