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  1. Xeon I'm 1.75m and 91kg, I own a RS Aero 9, great for light winds, but when it gets above 12knots and choppy the boat is a disaster, the hull cant support a sailor above 90kg, the lack of bow buoyancy is horrendous downwind. It's so bad, that on the Europeans this year the Aero 9 had no class, even in the UK nationals they only had 11 boats. I donĀ“t know the Phantom (never sailed it), but compare to more modern boats with seams heavy and big, out dated design and very expensive!!! H2, looks good, still extremely expensive and only available in the UK. I believe there is st
  2. true detective work... video on Laserperformance - Cascais website at 1m18s, you can see the bow of the boat you are talking about... LOL Still, don't have a clue what it is... dam...
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