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  1. I would love to see how you store your dinghy in your garage during winter. I have my first dinghy, RS Zest, and am planning to store it on its side, up against a wall. I figured I would put a few 2x4's down to rest the rail on, and then rig some canvas belts around it, with a way to pivot it onto its side from the dolly. The boom and mast can rest on some high wall hooks. This whole idea is just kind of half-baked, in my mind. I'm hoping to get some good ideas here. Would love to see pictures.
  2. How is this even possible? I've watched Shaun Preistley adjust the downhaul in this video (at 2:30) several times. It's like watching a pick-pocket steal a wrist watch. How is he able to adjust it that quickly and what the heck is he doing? Is he somehow pulling it down with his left hand and cleating it that quickly? I took my Zest out and tried this, with a luff sail and can't even get it to budge, much less cleat it quickly. This is my first dinghy so, likely user error. But I can't figure it out. Shaun makes 3 simple adjustments and takes off. I want to do that too. Unless thi
  3. that is funny! But no. I'll keep my Whaler for the glassy water dead calm days. Green Lake is 2 thousand acres.
  4. I was thinking I would keep my eyes open for a small used lift in the meantime. Until then, I'll try muscling, and Dolly'ing. Thanks for answers my rigging question @tillerman!
  5. The dolly idea (e.g., Dynamic Dolly) is growing on me. So, can I leave the boat on the dolly on dry land while not in use? Or are dolly meant to just be temporary? Also, will I rig the mast and everything else once in the water? Or on dry land?
  6. I could see that for put-in. But not feasible to get it from water, back to dock. This maneuver isn't even possible with my SUP board or kayak. Instead, I have a 12' x 24' muck mat near the shore, along the dock. I use it to stand on, to carry SUP board and kayak out of water for daily shore storage. Maybe I do the same? Seems the Zest will be too wide...or something.
  7. I'll receive my first sailing dinghy (RS Zest) next week. It's just now hitting me that I need to figure out the logistics of getting it in/out of water...or keeping it in water. I could really use some suggestions from experienced folk. Beach it? Boat lift? moor it? dock it? Just moved into a northern Michigan lakehouse with a mucky bottom shore. It's officially wetlands but I have a dock and lift for my 13' Whaler. 2k acre freshwater inland lake. See photos of my shore. My plan is to muscle the Zest up and down the shore, with my wife to get it in water initially. I'll sail i
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