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  1. The Parallax Corporation candidate evaluation film comes to mind - perhaps valid for return-to-forum screening? From Alan J. Pakula's The Parallax View - 1974 "We regret due to your test scores, you will not be allowed to return to the forum..."
  2. Blue Riband / Virgin Atlantic Challange Racer Scrapped From Wikipedia: "...On her maiden voyage in 1952, the United States upped the Blue Riband to 34.51 knots (63.91 km/h). In 1958, the transatlantic airlines put jet transports into service and the days of the record breakers were numbered. The Blue Riband today (1969–present) With the success of United States in 1952 and Cunard's decision not to challenge the new record the Blue Riband contest again subsided. There was a growing recognition that the era of fast crossings by express liners was becoming a thing of the past and t
  3. Here is one for sale that I find quite disarming -
  4. Hmmm... The complexity and expense of an airplane, the maintenance issues of a flying boat, the white knuckle terror of flying in constant ground effects, combined with the inability to power out of a bad situation (go around). And the electric power is likely petroleum based anyway (electricity has to come from somewhere). But it's electric! (Which apparently solves every problem, except the economics when the "new" becomes old hat, and operational costs remind that simpler, legacy technologies can do the job at half the price - or less.) Green? Hawaii's electricity requirements
  5. Eco sailing the old-fashioned way - Those scallywags at Tres Hombres. https://fairtransport.eu/ Their Rhum is not bad either. Tres Hombres Nordlys - "Oldest commercial ship in service".
  6. That point-of-view video is sobering (webm link in post above). Glad everyone made it out. I guess keep a waterproof VHF in your back pocket too.
  7. A good answer! Actually I'm a big Atomic 4 fan. In collage I designed a small sports car around an Atomic 4 running LPG, mod-ed with some flathead Ford V-8 tricks. Think a half-size Ferrari P4. Not my design sketch (long lost) but you get the idea: Call it a riff off your comment: a (now) "...antique [sportscar] with a steam engine..." That fits. We had a process for nitrating the cranks which is the Achilles Heel of the A4 engine. Certainly quieter and more civilized than my current antique sailboat engine - a Yanmar SB8 "Zamboni". I wonder if you could bui
  8. I was wondering if anyone made a flare hat? I looked around, and this is all I could find: International Orange for high-visibility. Apparently you soak the wick in paraffin to provide the pyrotechnic flame. A manual igniter (not shown) starts the illumination process. The bill shields your eyes so you can consult your first aid manual about burn injury. A large point of light is supplied. This provides enhanced angles of view from the horizon. Logo indicates this is specifically for sailboat use. Coast Guard approved?
  9. So when will you upgrade the Atomic 4 side of the equation?
  10. Oh, this is all easily explained. The boat is depicted operating in a Lovecraftian world of non-euclidan geometry. Teach them the ways of Lord Cthulhu early. Cthulhu fhtagn!
  11. "...But please don't take it so badly 'Cause the Lord knows I'm to..." Sailing Vessel "Free Bird" lost off Little Egg Inlet Courtesy USCG / Dan Radel, Asbury Park Press Two mariners were rescued by the U.S. Coast Guard from their overturned sailboat outside of Little Egg Inlet during Friday night's storm. The 33-foot sailboat called Free Bird was headed south to Atlantic City when it struck shoals about a mile-and-a-half outside of the inlet and became grounded, according to the Coast Guard. The mariners used VHF-FM marine radio to hail Coast Guard Sector D
  12. Well, there is hope for Ballard.
  13. Maybe she was thinking "But you have a Porsche!"
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