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  1. There you have it some of the best video of 1976! Man that must have been cool to see all those ships sailing along! Like going back in time without the fleas! Thanks for finding that!
  2. I think you are right. Where would be a good source to look for photos of the event? Someone had to of documented it.
  3. Swaying Slightly, Thank you for the offer. I bought the 'Sail and Power' book. Great book to review the Navy 44' as I put it back together. Man that would be cool to roar up and down the coast in one of these boats! I heard somewhere that a bunch of years ago there was a huge celebration. (I forgot what it was for. It might have been 1976 Bicentennial) and the Navy 44' were part of a flotilla up the Potomac River. They sailed up the river in formation flying spinnakers. Anyone know what I might be talking about? If so have you seen any photos of the event? That must have looke
  4. OK, what is service etiquette? And what is this book?
  5. Yes, When I went to visit Vigilant was in the water and alert was on the hard. So i went in Vigilant but not in Alert. With any luck I am hoping to get paint on Fearless fairly soon. Any luck in digging into your old photos? Might take a few beers and a rainy day! Here is another good book from the Academy.
  6. WillUSNA78, I would be privileged to walk you through Fearless anytime! When and if I ever get her done open invitation to any of you USNA guys to come with me for a sail. Or if any of you guys are going to the ND VS Navy game this November 6th @ ND. Let me know, Fearless is a 5 minute drive from the stadium. I found some pix of Alert from when I was out east.
  7. Fun fact: Fearless and Swift can be seen in one of Patrick Swayze's last TV drama. In the 5th episode there is a shoot out in a south side Chicago boat yard. Fearless is the back drop in one of the scenes. Yeah, no one told me their had filmed. So when I showed up and there were thousands of empty shell casing around my boat I shit myself! Being that it is the south side of Chicago and those things can happen, and that I didn't know they were blanks, I really scratched my head. Who were these idiots that couldn't hit the broad side of a boat at 5 paces? Why do people have to mess wi
  8. Zach, note the rudder on Fearless is the new style with the extra extension at the bottom. Looks like yours has the older style that is rounds on the bottom. Not sure why they did that. Con only assume it gives more control.
  9. Here is Fearless next to the Calumet river in Chicago before she takes a ride to Indiana. The bottom has four coats of epoxy and one coat of bottom paint. The sides have been stripped to the glass. Now the green/red bow lights have been removed the whole deck has been stripped and that nasty patch on the rail amidship has been repaired. Main and mizzen masts have been repainted with ceramic.
  10. Hey WillUSNA78 do you have any photos of Fearless from your time as skipper? Would be grateful for some photos.
  11. Yes, she is fiberglass. I am restoring her in a warehouse in South Bend. In the shadow of the Golden Dome no less. Yes I am finding many docking wounds. There was a really nasty smash on the port side amidship rail that need a lot of attention. I have taken her down to the glass and will repaint her. There is not a thing on this boat I have not toiled over. I have tried to load some photos but keep getting a -200 error. Better then the ID 10 T error i usually get! she will sail lake Michigan when I get her finished, or I will have a viking funeral there... Swift is
  12. By the way, I just picked up today some new Kenyon Gauges. Yeah, I live in the past. I found a marina that had a bunch of stuff in boxes covered with an inch of dust. So the instruments should be a bad as new! For $100 I got a depth transducers, speed transducer, depth gauge, wind gauge, some wire and an anemometer. So good day.
  13. Wow, it took me a while to read through this whole Navy 44 topic! Awesome, I have been very very slowly restoring FEARLESS NA8. Looking at the pictures of Lane's mast I feel the pain. I scrapped, sand blasted, rubbed, polished then sprayed mine with ceramic. Nice thing is NO primer and it wears like iron. Would love to see some old photos of when these boats were in service. Cheers, Roger
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