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  1. Dying to know how it went as she’s still listed on YW.
  2. Good discussion folks - thanks for the comments.
  3. So the saga comes to an end. After speaking with several folks involved with keel manufacturing, metallurgy and welding, I've decided to pass on the boat unless the owner elects to remedy the keel boats by installing new ones recast into the lead keel.
  4. Interesting comments..... This is a J44 that I am contemplating buying and the PO had the keel bolts cut and extended. I'm trying to get more details but as I currently understand, the existing keel bolts were cut to remove the corroded bits and then extended. Possibly with couplers, but still awaiting more info. Currently "Boatless in Seattle" but I'd hate to be "Keel Less in Seattle" - that might make for a really bad hair for the Admiral.....
  5. Searched the forums and couldn't find an existing post so I thought I'd ask the question: Can existing keel bolts be cutoff, have extensions welded on and then refit the keel? Presumably the existing keel bolt is 304 SS.
  6. Congrats Easy. I’m curious what the survey shows regarding the floor deflection in the head. FWIW - I also sold my boat on my own. Generally I think that the brokers provide a good service but feel that the fee structure should provide flexibility when selling a boat in say one week vs several months. I couldn’t negotiate this and that’s how I ended up selling on my own.
  7. I'm contemplating the purchase of boat that was damaged by Hurricane Sandy and subsequently repaired. Mast has been replaced as were the rudder and sail drive. The hull was holed and also repaired. Wondering how this will affect the current price I should pay, and what happens in the future when I sell?
  8. Easy - I understand the boat sold 9ish years ago for around $92k. I didn't see any value adds to the boat after 9 years so I couldn't understand the high listing price and passed. Good luck.
  9. Fascinating reading when you look at the initial posts and compare them to what we have actually experienced.
  10. Sorry if I'm posting in the wrong forum as I think this is the same boat that Beer Fueled Mayhem was looking at in 2012 and was flapping his gums on this same forum. Anyone familiar with the boat, and its history over the past decade? Worthwhile pursuing?
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