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  1. We were dropping off cliffs too in that race - in a 109.
  2. definitely, try twist or drop the traveller a little. Not quite comparable, but on our 109 - locking down the mainsail leech in 12 knots upwind will take us below optimum boat speed. I tend to ease the leech and put a little backstay on before anything else - but occasionally will try keeping the main fully locked down and then dropping the traveller a little. If I can get back up to speed by playing with the leech and the backstay then I won't try anything else, so I don't know all the possible permutations here.
  3. I am not sure about the ex-sunsail boat numbers (who would be mad enough to compete with one of those?!) but totally agree that the First40s and 40.7 tend to be 'school' boats. I have sailed the First 40 CR on the fatsnet (with a school) and think they are great boats actually - 'our' First 40CR was really quite fast when properly trimmed and with the right sails up (the full race version, not the sunsail one). They do need a large crew to sail competitively, but I reckon they would score much better if sailed by properly focused crews. We carried a very full sail-suite, with a terrific J
  4. Yes, the 3200s did amazingly well, particularly when one factors in the rock stars sailing the 3300, 3600 and the J/99s. I was looking into it myself and discovered this: and this
  5. It looks like a well-sorted 105 is within £10k - £15k of a used, older 3200 version 1. The 105 is a great boat, so figuring out whether the extra £10k+ is worth spending.
  6. Great information. Thank you. Yes, was thinking about the Nav station and galley area. The 105 looks like you would not want to spend very long there - particularly if the 105 is a less stable boat anyway.
  7. Yep, some pretty well sailed 105s out there - I was impressed by Rum & Cork (Lymington I think). And I saw Flawless when she came on to the market a couple of years ago - looked really good.
  8. Yes, I hadn't thought about the wheel being a problem, but you are probably right.
  9. For Hamble/Warsash/Cowes round-the-cans and RORC Offshore weekends, and perhaps some leisure sailing to Guernsey, Scillys or Ile de Re - but mainly for racing without the benefit of a full crew - which do you recommend, a Sunfast3200 or a J/105?
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