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  1. Three latest posts on Instagram from LaserPerformance hinting something new is coming. The taglines are "A new story is about to be written. Will you be a part of it? #don't miss the shift", and "we've been in the shed. It's all coming together now #carbon". The image on the second one is of something black. Kinda looks like they are laying up a hull with carbon fabric. ? I don't know. The other posts (video) shows what looks like a one line outline of plan view and side view - hull with wings perhaps and square topped sail. Tack of the sail is at the deck with the upswept bit (I don't
  2. Alright, I'll bite. So in my area LP has no representation. Once upon a time we had LP, Hobie, and recently RS. Now none. Bit of an outlier maybe. Does LP still have the heft/respect/interest internationally to get people to buy their boats? I'd be leery of plunking down money on a new LP boat design without a track record and worried about continued support for parts and uptake in the international community. It'd have to be a homerun design that every sailing magazine was declaring as boat of the year or something for me to part with money as an early adopter.
  3. I'm wondering if we are at a point where 3D modeling and CFD simulation processes in the 3D model could be done on most modern dinghies. If we aren't at a place where that could be done easily or in a cost effective way now, I imagine it could be the norm in the next 20 years. Just guessing.
  4. Ok. That is suprising and interesting to me given the ability to do wind tunnel testing of air craft and scaled models etc. I can understand it though, given the historical perspective from fastyacht and the size and $ of the dinghies compared to something else where it might matter more (trans-atlantic racing boats or something). Sincerely, thanks for the brief history lesson. Very interesting.
  5. Sounds good. I'll send you a DM. Yes, I've settled on those, but also maybe Nacra 500 should be in the mix too? I think the decision may come down to a good deal that becomes available somewhat close by in the used market.
  6. Thanks for the recommendations. I'll check those out.
  7. Well, that was my suspicion, but didn't want to discount what the guy at the club was telling me. Thought there might be other reasons that a Sunfish might be preferable besides the bow from a design perspective, but figured it may have more to do with inertia/gravity of the class rather than design/use case.
  8. I plan to do both. I'm an Mech Engr stress analyst by day and I tend to overanalyze everything, but am interested and comfortable getting into the details. In the end, that's overthinking it for my needs and experience level, but just curious about the design process and how they arrive at the choices they do.
  9. I'm planning to get a Wave or Weta for family fun (been actively combing ads - not much close by), race Lasers or Sunfish with the club boats, but just generally curious what the different bow shapes in particular do for the monohulls. The VX Evo or Melges 14 sound attractive to me over a Laser for recreational solo monohull sailing, but the budget (and deep cockpit) on the Megabyte sounds better until you throw the Great Red Shark's mast problems in the mix. Just generally trying to get an idea if the Melges or VX Evo bow would cut chop or waves better than say the Laser for instance.
  10. Some of you guys are novelists if you get a good pissing match going
  11. I have a less than rudimentary understanding of hull shapes - planing, V hull, transitional, displacement... At my club the fleets are Laser and Sunfish. An old-timer at the club suggested these are the best for our location. I'm curious to get other feedback. There are other clubs in the area that have thistles and some other things. We have some typical chop in Galveston Bay - 6 inches to a foot I guess on a typical day with 1 to 2 foot rollers on occasion - lots of channel traffic close to the club. Lots of bobbing up and down to get the boat off the ramp, past the piers and into th
  12. Might be interesting - between the Cascais and Bahia - maybe 14 foot 2 up rotomoulded? Could be. Looks a little like a Melges 14 from the rear but the gunwales/wings don't seem quite as pronounced forward. I don't see a thwart or sidestays
  13. Agree, defo not a Cascais. Cascais is available to order in NA now. I was quoted arrival between November and Summer about a week after the detailed order page and brochure hit their website. Did not actually order, just inquiring. Concerned it would be slow without any in the water to get feedback/press about. Only the Fun package was available with aluminum mast/boom and rec sails. XD and Race models would be available "later". The 1 to 4 crew seemed too good to be true in a boat that size, but we'll see.
  14. Ok, Thanks. So, if I wanted to split it into two jobs, then for all the chips down at the tip, just thickened FG resin (or epoxy resin?), and then on the side where I suspect the split is, fiberglass tape and regular resin. I'm assuming I have to finish/paint that after (on the fiberglass patch). I'll look at the guide again. OR if I do the whole board with the FG tape around the edge, maybe that's easier than messing with two different jobs by doing it all at once and with one set of materials?
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