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  1. Funny you should say this our first sports boat was a Thompson seven that was a great boat we then moved to a small offshore boat kids came along and we gave it away it’s now time to get back into it there are a number of J 70s in Sydney it’s a case of working out what is best for the crew here now between mid 50s and late 60s appreciate all suggestions
  2. One issue with the J 70 is an almost completely lack of secondhand boats available in Australia
  3. Thanks overdraft what is the Fareast like to sail in 20 knots which is not unusual on Sydney Harbour? Also how many crew do you normally sail with Thanks for every bodies comments
  4. Hi all I am a fit 62-year-old looking to move back into a smaller sports boat Comparing these two what do you think are the advantages of each thanks
  5. Hi I am fairly new to the Melges 24 and find the boom height to be much lower than I would’ve expected has anybody else had problems here thanks
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