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  1. There seems to be almost an overwhelming number of cool options for running rigging. Just curious what everyone likes to use. I have a winter project to replace the rigging on an old M16-Scow. Was hoping to find something that can easily be spliced, held in a cleat, and fairly budget friendly. Thanks
  2. I just wish there was manufacturing in North America, or at least a distributor.
  3. Since there are no Fireball manufactures in North America, it got me thinking about what the modern equivalent of this boat is? Seems like such a cool design, what cannibalized the old fleets? Something that: -Double handed by a husband/wife or parent/child with at least one trapeze. Single handed in a pinch? -Easily planes upwind and down, but also tough to over power and one of the last boats blown off the lake. -Overall well-behaved that’s relatively easy to sail but challenging to master. Any modern equivalences? 29ers? Melges 15? Hobie 16?
  4. The price and ‘accessibility’ of a Moth are certainly a barrier but what I really think is interesting with the Skeeta/UFO is potentially how they are great all around ‘modern’ dinghies. I can either fly and work on my tacks, or float when I want to chase the kids on their lasers/grandparent on an MC. Conditions are rarely too windy or not enough wind. And if want to park the boat in the middle of the lake or go for an easy sail with a passenger, I can. Moth’s and Waszp are really cool, but they seem too focused and one dimensional without any local racing.
  5. I’ve wondered about the Skeeta’s ability to carry a crew. They show it in the marketing pictures, but the specs state a max carrying of 100kg? I do think the retro vibe of a scow Moth is pretty cool though.
  6. Just wanted to see if anyone has experience on both of these foilers. Moving from a laser, I know they are considered "beginner" though neither are necessarily "easy." A few specific questions I have are: -My understanding is both foil in a straight line well, but how do they compare staying on the foils while tacking/gybing? -How to they compare when sailed in "float" mode? About the same as a laser? Can the Skeeta plane? Pointing? Trying to figure out which is the most enjoyable/hate the least when the wind is too light or shifty to foil (inland lakes...) -What abo
  7. Sounds like you're in an enviable position to have a youth program to even complain about overinvolved parents. Our local "scene" is unathletic overweight dads hanging off the side of a keel boat. Youths and their mom's have absolutely no interest in getting involved. They will stick with lacrosse, soccer, and hockey. Now show them a scene with a couple stud 20 something trapezing off a skiff like in Australia....that looks like something worth working towards. People like Hobart Alter figured out how to market it at one time....so I guess it can be done? I think this article still
  8. Hi, I recently inherited a Johnson M16 scow and am interested in any advice on how to single hand it. Realistically I’ll be sailing 50/50 crew and solo. How does it sail without the jib? Could I just use an MC rigging? Or is it better to rig the jib so I can get to it from the stern? I know an MC would be the perfect tool, but I would like to sail what I have and see how much I like it compared to my Laser. Thanks!
  9. Thanks for all the great replies and advice. After weighing lots of options, I think we’re going to go with a used Hobie 16. There are lots of used boats available, seem like a challenging step up in performance, but lots of support both online and and in person. Even though it’s a dated design with known issues, I think it will check all the boxes and come under my initial budget.
  10. Thanks again for all the feedback. The Weta looks great. The suggestion regarding a beach cat is also interesting. If I can keep it rigged at the beach, a F16 looks like a nice option. Also, I really love how classy the Melges 15 looks. How is that to single?
  11. Thanks for all the great suggestions. In regards to how it will be used, I’ll be keeping the boat on the beach covered, and then ‘hand launching’ it when heading out. It will be garaged in the winter. Unfortunately the ‘warm’ sailing day season is relatively short (Montana) so a dry sailer would be nice, but not a deal breaker. If it wasn’t for their difficult getting in and out of the water solo, I would also be looking at a MC Scow… Besides the wet ride, the Weta is sounding more and more like a really nice option.
  12. Hi, After sailing my Laser for a few years, and our kids getting to the age they can sail, I am looking at transitions to something different. Any opinions on these two boats? I would like something that is fast, but I can also sail single or double with my wife and kids, and easily rig and get sailing. We’re in the USA and sail on a lake. Thanks
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