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  1. Mini Transat for sale sorry if it’s been shown before https://www.boatsales.com.au/boats/transat-mini/sail-boat
  2. Here is another decent buy. Not sure what condition the sails are in. She has a decent pedigree with 11 S2H and won Syd to Noumea. https://derwentboats.com.au/derwent/yachts-for-sale/used/sail-monohulls/farr-40-ior-kevlar-performance-cruiser-racer/275882/
  3. Y88

    Bow Repair

    Glassing is all done. Used a backing plate. Worked out well. Unfortunately last night was cold. I used a layer of matt and smaller strips of cloth .
  4. Y88

    Bow Repair

    Is there a difference using polyester over epoxy on wood?
  5. Y88

    Bow Repair

    Young 88 made from King Billy. It’s solid
  6. Y88

    Bow Repair

    Keeping it short, hit a gust coming into a marina I’m not familiar with. Bow hit the marina, (see photo) To fix, sand it back so it’s rough, about 1” more than the dent, epoxy with a multiple layers of thin cloth, feather the edges. Then sand back until smooth. Then re paint. Any advice or opinions?
  7. Quest has sold and heading North to the big island.
  8. Unfortunately Hobart still uses IRC and one club pushing IRC and getting rid of AMS.
  9. Y88


    It would have been under his business interests name or company for tax purposes I would think.
  10. Because I’m thinking of getting a new rudder for my 88, is that something your looking at? In general Young’s have barn doors as rudders.
  11. I’ve since heard new sails for her would be $100k. Maintenance costs per year would be up around $20k. Nice boat to cruise on if you wanted to cruise and occasional round the buoys.
  12. Quest @ $59,500 Seems cheap that’s a lot of yacht!
  13. I want to replace the key turn , and RPMs into the aft of my Y88 how easy is to do that? Did you consider going to a push start?
  14. Double Hander will win the Tatts Cup
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