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  1. Thanks airacer! In a perfect word I would like to have the instruments in the cockpit display wind data and also the vulcan. If I use one of these conversion devices, will I need to select one or the other, or can I have both the vulcan chart plotter and H3000 cockpit instruments receive and display wind data?
  2. I currently have an H3000 System which includes the following. I purchased a new Vulcan 12 chart plotter. What additional conversion pieces will I need to make the most out of connecting the below to Vulcan? Also do I need the H2000 Compass or is there one built into the Vulcan? - 3 GFD (One at chart table, two in cockpit) - AWA 360 (cockpit) - TWA 360 (cockpit) - 213 masthead wind sensor - SEN‐SPD‐HP Standard Speed - SEN‐DPT‐HP Standard Depth - H3000 CPU - Halcyon 2000 Compass - em-trak AIS
  3. Similar argument for some with black flag start, no? Don't go up, don't get the automatic DSQ, hope competitor doesn't pull the flag, if so, exonerate or pray for a decision in the protest room that goes your way. Seems a deliberate foul if being honest for making up a story in the room.
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