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  1. This is def true, had a few of our own shit show experiences with a big southerly wind, but waves in the marina are not the issue. And if the OP is just looking for a safe place to stash a boat for the winter, I wouldn't dismiss EBM due to this. Cost on the other hand...
  2. You saying you saw surfable shit inside the Elliott Bay Marina break walls? We're near the end of a finger there, so fairly exposed compared to a lot of slips. We've never seen anything closely surfable inside of marina, and been there in some big blows. I got no vested interest in EBM, just don't want someone to stress keeping a boat there by something that isn't an issue.
  3. Have you tried Elliott Bay Marina? Might be your best bet in Seattle for an open slip of that size, and easy to get to from SeaTac airport. Could also check Cap Sante in Anacortes. There's a bus that runs from SeaTac to Cap Sante that's pretty easy to use. Both are well run and should at least give you a response. You could also see if Swiftsure or Signature Yachts (next door to Swiftsure) has a slip they could lease you through the winter if they don't have an influx of brokerage boats.
  4. Looks like that big low heading towards the NW is already causing some damage. https://www.kiro7.com/news/local/approx-40-shipping-containers-adrift-off-washington-coast/GLA23HNGLZADTGDQRPRX2AUTG4/
  5. I mean, the ship is impressive and all for the time, but how about a shout out for that folding chair! I would've never guessed those suckers existed yet.
  6. I feel like I’m bighting into a Sailing Anarchy advertising troll apple on this whole thing. One of the most prolific designers ever providing context, along with countless accounts of no incidents, and zero references to an actual incident, how is this still going on about traveler location. Anyway, regardless of where the traveler lands, still dig that BP28 and this has been fun.
  7. I never felt our previous bd traveler was unsafe or uncomfortable. Actually felt it was safer than our cabin top since I could grab jib, main and traveller while still holding the tiller, or beer.
  8. This makes sense to me. I don’t want to get over my skis on any talk, so grain of salt. I got to race and drive a bit on a Quest 30 in the 90’s, at the same time doing the same on J 105 and 120. I really liked the idea of the Quest, but for some reason it didn’t deliver for me, not to say it wasn’t fun. I’ll most likely never sail on either, but give me a chance to sail on an Open 40 or J125, I would go 125, only because I believe it would deliver the experience I think I would want. I think a BP28 would fit that bill as well, and I have no idea how to explain it.
  9. BP28 is a sweet looking project, excited to follow! Guessing a DEGRITTER will not be on the options list? Figure if I ever have a new build, there might be a few less projects, so cleaning the records would be a nice excuse to go check on her.
  10. Imagine how many boating marriages would’ve been saved if the Wand of Maneuvering was purchased instead of the much more sought after cold plate!
  11. When we had a full keel, wind and prop walk were more predictable in reverse at slow speed than the rudder. Once we got some decent speed in reverse, the rudder became a bit more useful, but not much. It’s the nature of it I guess. We slowly learned to just not panic and use a lot of forward throttle blips to kick the ass around.
  12. 18yo me is going S&S Swan 57. Me as an 18yo with current mental process is going Morris 454 or Saga 48. Future me as an 18yo is saying get a J80 you idiot.
  13. We were crabbing in Nehalem Bay the afternoon before and were on the beach the morning of. There is next to zero% chance you make it across that bar with any sort of swell. Attempting on a sailboat even in the best conditions is not a thing. Hopefully they were at least trying for Tillamook where there is a USCG station and an actual navigable crossing, albeit mostly for fishing boats. Either way, no good options for getting to safe harbor around there. What a sad story and a reminder to me it's alway okay to not leave the dock.
  14. I've been spelling Assymmetrical wrong.
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