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  1. HI've over 10 years of ownership of a Max Fun 35 in Europe. Raced very successfully at club level and reasonably at national. Our boat is fairly similar in performance to a J111 and not dissimilar in rig, although our kite halyards are set up so that one is masthead and the other fractional. We have 3 kites, two 130 square metres and one around 90. The big ones go up one the masthead halyard. One of the big ones is almost a code zero. A witch on a close reach but also great in light airs. The other is a downwind cut. We race pretty much every week locally and vivid permitting
  2. Cynically it depends on what you want to achieve. 1) No material impact on you. Boat on port rounds to port and doesn't turn round and make the correct rounding - protest and either they retire or are DSQ 2) You collide. They are on port. His insurers pay. At least in Europe port starboard trumps anything in the racing rules. 3) You keep clear. You both round. You lose time and he turns round and re rounds the mark on starboard. If the time lost is material to your result seek redress on the grounds of improper course. 4) As for 3 but impact is immaterial have a
  3. Rule 69 is part of the racing rules of sailing. The clue is on the title. For the rules to apply you have to either racing or I the process of going racing. Not having a meeting in the clubhouse. That is a matter for the memorandum of association and club bye laws of the club Its not that complicated
  4. It's a pursuit race. You have your answer
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