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  1. I have dived with many different sharks, including great whites, and many different whales but I would not fancy jumping in with these fellas to be the test subject, they are far to revved up
  2. Unfortunately the meaningful data is not being shared but boats have been hit when under engine and sailing, systems on and off. Yesterday there was an attack off Tangier and last week 1 off Gibralter so the risk area is getting larger. This is also not just the behaviour of 1 or 2 animals as pods in distant geographical locations have started going for boats, it seems like "100th monkey" shared behaviour. Time to get a steel boat!
  3. Yeah, if we cant find a friendly solution it may well end up with a .458
  4. I have heard local fishermen use bangers (pyrotechnic) which they throw in to scare the orcas away, I am trying to get more info and hopefully get my hands on some
  5. After being attacked by 2 orcas near Barbate a few weeks ago we did some research and came to some conclusions. I would like to share our experience and thoughts in the hope that others can avoid costly and potentially dangerous encounters with these orcas. We thought we were being careful and were fairly close to shore, I think our attack is one of the closest to shore recorded, however we were in about 40m deep water when the attack started. We had sonar off, wind generator stopped and were sailing (at about 5.5 knots) in an attempt at ‘silent running’. I was helming (autopilot also off
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