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  1. It's a pretty different hull shape though, and the things sure seem to go pretty good. But I agree, it does look like a boat for lighter crews. Could be wrong though. Some of the most fun sailing I've ever done was in scows, and there is certainly an attraction to the idea of dinghy that requires the teamwork of a keelboat. There's also certainly the attraction of a fast dinghy with good stability. But if there was a strong M15 fleet around me, and a good deal on a used one popped up, I wouldn't hesitate to buy one. I don't know too many scow sailors that think scows are the only
  2. Saw this on Reddit the other day. Looks a little like some of the old IOR maxis from the 70s and 80s, though obviously butchered up pretty good. Wish there were better photos of the rig, but it does have running backs rather than a fixed backstay. Any thoughts?
  3. Agreed, but I'm not sure that the M15 vying for the same market. I see it as fixing a lot of the things that suck about 420s and I look forward to seeing where it goes. Out of curiosity, how tough are the hulls built compared to a 420? I've always felt that 420s are a little on the fragile side, this thing any better in that regard?
  4. Presumably LP would have engineers who ran the numbers and determined that removing said foam was "OK". But whether LP actually did that and how it would pan out in the real world is a whole other matter. In any case, making changes to a one-design class without approval from the class organization... that ain't acceptable.
  5. Worst boats ever designed? I wouldn't go that far. Too much boat for the maximum allowable crew weight? Yeah, probably, but I can think of plenty of designs that sucked a lot harder than the M17. The M17 tried to be a modernized I-20, and ultimately it proved to be faster than the I-20. But it also proved to be harder to sail, required more athletic crew, and was much more fragile. Pick your poison. The I-20 has proven to hold up well with heavy crews in big wind, while the M17 doesn't, so there's that. I have sailed them, and it was fun, but coming from an I-20, I didn't really thi
  6. M16 does't have a kite, so it isn't really a downsized M20. What that basically is is the M17, which is such a healthy class that they've skipped how many regatta seasons? We do NOT need yet another 16 to 20 foot sloop-rigged scow class to sit and flounder. We just need to get the existing one (the I-20) into a state where the class is active and successful again. The difference between dealing with a 16 foot sloop-rigged scow with a kite and a 20 foot sloop-rigged scow with a kite is almost nil. For those who aren't aware, an I-20 is an M20 with an asymmetrical spinnaker. Newer
  7. Almost as good as the Fucking Teamwork video.
  8. I remember buying new greenish-grey laminated mylar North jibs as late as 2010 or 2011. Actually a pretty nice material for them.
  9. So do they at least have decent build quality? Relatively speaking, of course, being that we're talking about Lasers. Or is that aspect in the toilet too?
  10. You will find very few, if any, boats that have remained completely one-design since that time period. Most fleets are, at least to some degree, evolutionary one design classes. Some evolve more than others, but almost all of them evolve a little bit. Those that don't evolve at all look like Flying Scots, which still utilize significant quantities of phenolic in their construction.
  11. There are a lot of shades of white. There's also the shade of white the boat was when it was new and the shade of white it is now. Maybe we should all gelcoat our boats puce instead.
  12. That's what we're here for. You know you want to...
  13. Mostly E and MC scows, formerly I-20s. I also sail J22 / J24 / J80 / J70 sailing at a club level with various friends.
  14. Okay, none of the boats I sail are made by LP, so forgive my ignorance. Is LP that bad of a company to deal with?
  15. Even if it is, I'm fairly confident that isn't what is going on here.
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