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  1. WHY ARE YOU HERE to you too. Being a keyboard asshole is easy. In real life someone will break your nose.
  2. Just found some beautiful 12m tapered 6061 T6 Alu flag poles with 140mm base and 5.1 mm wall thickness for the bottom section. Might be usable in a biplane configuration. Maybe with junk rig soft wing sails?
  3. Who is getting shirty? I come here with legitimate concerns, knowing I don't know enough, trying to learn something an all I get is people asking if they can see my whore girlfriend's tits. You think that is normal civilized behavior? I didn't come here claiming I know everything. I try to explain why I have a certain idea and so far the only reaction is "oh he so dumb", "what an idiot". Can somebody please show me with facts what an idiot I am instead of just dismissing everything as moronic. I already scrapped my 4 sails idea. That was a dumb idea. Not realized because of this forum's c
  4. The why is a complicated question. I like the challenge. I always tried to push limits where others played it safe. As a teenager I would ride my bicycle thousands of miles through Europe or hitchhike all over when my peers weren't even allowed to venture out alone. When I bought my first house I didn't have enough to buy something decent so I bought a run down place in a great location. Spent a year turning it into a beautiful place and sold it for 3x the purchasing price a few years later. I admire people who try new things. I have respect for people like Thor Heyerdal, James Wharram..... Su
  5. 1) Your leaf spring idea is bad. 99% of successful trimarans do not use it. Copy successful designs if you are not an engineer or experienced designer. The fact it is not common is not a good argument. I am interested to know why. 2) Your multi mini lug rig design is bad. Just find some 6061 T6 tubing, even if you have to import it. A conventional mast and rigging is well understood and you can do some sort of design that will not fail. That is possibly true. The rig is what I struggle with most. What kind of rig and how to make it is still "up in the air" 3) You get the
  6. There are many assumptions here. And contradictions. The reason we react with strong adverse suggestions is that we have seen it all before <------>You have several unique ideas ?! No other boats use this idea but you are convinced they are the holy grail. ---> If I was so convinced why would I be here to hear other people's opinions? I think my ideas are good but am very open to being convinced they are very bad. I am the last person wanting to spend a year building something based on very bad assumptions. Another poster equated designing a sailboat to designing a pla
  7. This suspension idea obviously makes rigging going from one hull to another impossible so unstayed would be the way to go. Regarding pitching: with or without a suspension the boat has to get over waves. Wouldn't some degree of individual hull movement be beneficial? Barring very small waves you have to go over them, not through them. Here is a thought experiment. imagine connecting one of my hulls on a long arm to an oil tanker. If the connection is flexible it will see the waves for what they are. If the connection is infinitely rigid it would be trashed around, lifted, smashed on the
  8. Should I just get a loan and buy a used Lagoon catamaran? Seems they already have the flexing engineered into their boats!
  9. Anarchy or not... You can only pick 2! Why? Street wisdom?? It often works out that way but it is not a law of nature. Regarding the hull thickness: Pauwlonia is very light, somewhere between balsa and the lightest pine. You cannot use it as if it is marine plywood. The advantages are that the distance between the glass skins on the inside and outside is larger which increases strength allowing for less glass. Because of this the hull also has no stringers and only bulkheads at hull connection points. Additional advantages are very good insulation for temperature and sound and a lo
  10. Yes I have included water tanks and battery bank in the weight calculation and yes they are located towards the center of the boat. I also included outboards, fuel, 2 anchors, composting toilet, dinghy, radar, wind vane, windlass, oven, fridge, mattress provisions and passengers.....and 200kg miscellaneous extras. And no, there is no washing machine, aircon flat screen tv or marble counter top :-)
  11. Thanks for not running with the playground bullies here. I don't frequent internet forums but the level of toxicity here is stunning. Most Pauwlonia wood comes from China. Low grade and shorter pieces go for 300-400 USD/m3. Higher grade and longer pieces >240cm for around 600USD/m3. Doesn't seen very expensive to me. Maybe the market for it is just so small that if you don't import it yourself it'll cost you. And for the price in Japan, they probably only use the highest grade from a specific species...... I have been to Japan and everything is expensive there! Besides the discu
  12. The aluminium I can get here is 6063. Same type used for window frames. Not suitable for structural elements.....like tall masts. QUOTE: AL 6061-T6 has a higher yield strength and fatigue strength when compared to AL-T6 6063.
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